Nikolaev scientists completed research project

January 25, 2013 10:45:02

January 25, 2013 10:45:02

In order to revive the image of Ukraine as a maritime power, Nikolaev, scientists from the National University of Shipbuilding (NUS), the Admiral Makarov made a great contribution, completing work on a multi-year research project "Creating a universal means of transport ships and ocean engineering". The project was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology.

Taught to students, and in parallel to "move" the science ….

Project scientists NUS has attracted attention even in the course of its development. More than twenty years of shipbuilding, can be said to "stay on the minds" of the former Union. And then — the results stunned: it was the first grand scientific work in the history of independent Ukraine, which at one stroke raised the bar to the highest intellectual footage shipbuilding industry.

The experts — members of the Committee for the award of the State Prize of Ukraine, "off the record" note, they say, somewhere "overseas" to decide on such a serious study involved numerous academic units. Our unique integrated research team has developed and implemented in ten people. In particular, the participation of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Rector of the University of Sergey Ryzhkov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for Research, Head of Department of Electrical courts Vladimir Blintsova, doctor of technical sciences, professor, department chairman Vyacheslav Kvasnitsky welding, Doctor of Technical Sciences , Professor and Director of the Institute of Computer Engineering and Technological Sciences Konstantin Koshkin, doctor of technical sciences, professor, head of department of theory and design of ships Valery Nekrasov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Marine Instrument Yuri Zhukov, assistant professor Yuri Solonichenko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, General Director of "Marine Engineering Bureau" Gennady Yegorov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, academician of the National Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Institute of Electric Welding named after EO Paton Electric Welding Institute of the NAS of Ukraine Igor KRIVTSUN, candidate of technical sciences, general director of the State Enterprise "Classification Society of the Shipping Register of Ukraine" Vladimir Cevryukova.

The Rector Sergey Ryzhkov (head of the research team) said, "Voice of Ukraine", for each of his colleagues these last four years have been a period of tremendous work. It was the uninterrupted chain reaction plexus studies and findings in one. In addition, no one is exempted from teaching (or other primary) activity: teach students, and along with the "move" the science, understanding that Ukraine develop their claim on the national and global significance.

Shipbuilding industry, according to Sergei Sergeyevich specific enough. Accumulating in their products reach the neighboring industries (machine building, metallurgy, electrical engineering, etc.), ship at the same time encourages the development of these industries. On the one hand, it is an indicator of the level of development of the state economy, and on the other, challenging element of economic development.

Creation of one job in shipbuilding contributes to the emergence 4-5 jobs in the neighboring areas. Given this feature, the big obstacle for the team repeatedly became legal nihilism in shipbuilding. NUS team is grateful for the understanding and support of the people’s deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Nakonechny, who initiated the Verkhovna Rada adopted the Law of Ukraine "On conducting economic experiment regarding state support for the shipbuilding industry" (entered into force on 1 January 2013).

Where necessary perelitsovyvat industry?

The purpose of the project — an important decision of scientific and technical issues: the development of scientific, methodological, technological, design and create a basis for serial production of the universal means of transport ships and ocean engineering at Ukrainian shipyards. And this was achieved.

In an interview with "Voice of Ukraine" one of the interviewees said: "In order to qualify for the State Prize of Ukraine, we had to turn inside out the unenviable state of the entire industry." Like, still the domestic shipbuilding industry was held at the ruins of the scientific achievements of the scientists precursor, representing almost all the Soviet republics. In the early years of independence, Ukraine had to develop a scientific vision of their own ways of revival and further development of the industry. If this had happened before, could be a lot easier to overcome the problem.

Nikolaev qualified scientists have proved the potential demand for the creation of universal transport ships and ocean engineering equipment for Ukraine, as well as the importance of scientific and technical problems of development of scientific, methodological, technological, engineering framework for the creation and manufacture of universal serial transport ships and ocean engineering equipment at Ukrainian shipyards.

What’s new

— The project is unique in that it was first implemented a new methodology for the design and construction of vessels on the basis of the theory of risk and the latest computer technology;

— Designed and developed advanced technology to build ships to ensure their competitiveness in the global market;

— A high level of environmental safety in the construction and operation of ships;

— Created new means of ocean technology — remotely operated underwater vehicles to study and development of the sea shelf and for condition monitoring of marine engineering and port facilities;

— Restructured domestic shipbuilding enterprises in accordance with the latest international trends and requirements; — On the basis of these results, we construct a world-class modern universal transport ships and ocean engineering tools. Science — sail the shipbuilding industry The head of the research project "Creating Universal transport ships and ocean engineering equipment" Sergey Ryzhkov said that the nomination of the collective results of scientific activities for the State Prize of Ukraine for them is not an end in itself. — We would like to draw the attention of all that talk about the crisis in shipbuilding exaggerated, — he said. — Science is to achieve, but they remain unclaimed. Progressive thought should not crouch dust, it must tear out of the hands of the scientist. You know, it’s quite overwhelming researcher, if the society and the state does not notice the achievements, do not apply them in a timely manner. — How did the idea to take this particular scientific topic? Who initiated the implementation of the project? — The question of the design work in the direction of shipbuilding for the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology at the university came about four years ago, when I came to the office of the rector. Neither the state nor the ministerial structure did not give us an official request for this nationwide project. However, we have seen that we and our partners have a lot of valuable scientific developments, in which the plotting around the world in recent years has built more than one modern vessel. So was born the decision to organize all taken separately results in a coherent work that would have selected the most valuable grain research activities of the University for nearly 20 years. We wanted this to be a scientific foundation for the creation of national development model shipbuilding. Thus, this project summed up the experience of nine doctoral dissertations and master’s theses about 30 students of our scientists. — It must have been a difficult approach — the desire to combine the trends and the industry in which, at first glance, quite unlike scientific vectors … — It is unique in that it is only bringing together the foremost minds in the fields of design, ecology, welding tools for creating ocean engineering (underwater robots), you can have a full understanding of the opportunities and challenges for the shipbuilding industry. I draw your attention to the team twice offered his findings to the State Prize of Ukraine. In 2009, we passed the first test. In 2011, after further adjusting the direction of the project on "Building universal means of transport ships and ocean engineering", again put forward his project for the award of public differences. — Were there any analogues of such research in the Soviet era? — Neither the Union nor the years of independent Ukraine, such projects have not been developed and embodied. In general, the latest award in the shipbuilding industry for the design and construction of ships, the CIS took place almost 40 years ago. We are still interested in this topic and because the results of our work, we wanted to prove: if the shipbuilding industry has unique research projects, and then there is the industry itself. This means that in Ukraine there is a strong scientific personnel, there are also modern design bureau, which designed modern ships, there are shipbuilding, where the ships are built. The experts, who came to us from the State Committee for Science and Technology, had the opportunity to see this in place. Later, during a secret ballot, our work has received one of the largest number of points. Many times I have been to China, saw their shipyards. They build ships almost on anything. In a short time the company is already building bulk carriers and other large ships. We, meanwhile, with giants such as the Black Sea Shipyard, plants "Ocean", "bay", named after 61 Communards, very little use scientific potential and production capacity to stabilize the situation in the shipbuilding industry. I believe science sails shipbuilding industry. It is gratifying that after we have received this award, our colleague, state deputy Vladimir Nakonechny could have proposed legislation to "put" in the Verkhovna Rada, and sign it by the President of Ukraine. Now, do not lose hope that further to the implementation of the Law "On conducting economic experiment regarding state support for the shipbuilding industry" will be accepted and other legislation — and changes to tax and customs codes that will make the new law in its entirety. — One of the winners of the State Prize of Ukraine has to do with the design of the corvette "Vladimir the Great"? — Yes, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir Blintsov in charge of the section "OCEAN", just and provided scientific data and drafted the underwater robot for ship class "corvette". The undoubted success of the collective labor rector of NUS Admiral Makarov Sergey Ryzhkov said: — Development and implementation of modern technologies of virtual ship design and ocean engineering equipment with professional teams from various project offices in Ukraine, which improves the quality and shorten design work for almost four months; — The proposed concept of building ships with (which for eight years has been successfully implemented in the construction of multi-purpose dry cargo vessels, product tankers, chemical tankers and rail ferries); — Justification of the direction of the Navy and the construction of national universal transport inland and swimming (river-sea) vessels and restricted navigation areas of the new generation; — The creation of mathematical models and software algoritmovogo restructuring shipyards, production of modern shipyard using efficient technology assembly and welding production, which has improved the processes of construction of ships; — Development of advanced laser-welding plazmovyh technology and equipment; — A first for environmental safety used a new approach to the purification of emissions shipyards and ships into the atmosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere by the energy potential of emissions themselves, the scientific bases of integrated technologies for treatment and disposal of gaseous, liquid and solid emissions; — The creation of unique samples competitive underwater technology — uninhabited underwater vehicles that allow for the monitoring and management of water facilities, and the depths of the sea shelf (this was demonstrated in the summer of 2008-2010. At the highest level). NUS — only in the CIS, where they are made. Mykolaiv region.   Authoritatively   Sergey Ryzhkov: "Ukrainian Navy now in critical condition: the average age of bulk carriers — more than 20 years, the bulk — about 20 years, passenger — more than 25 years. One-third of wharfage ports have poor technical condition. Constant inspection of the technical condition of engineering structures require domestic oil and gas on the continental shelf of the Black and Azov seas, as they have been in use for over 30 years. Virtually no funds for ocean technology research and utilization of the Azov-Black Sea basin, and other areas of the World Ocean. In these circumstances, we, as representatives of Ukrainian shipbuilding areas of science, set a goal to develop a theoretical leverage on the situation — suggesting for Ukraine’s development as a maritime power, the advanced technology of universal transport ships and ocean engineering equipment. State Prize for this collective scientific work suggests actuality a request for investigation of shipbuilding, as a sphere of activity, and also confirms that embodied science project worthy of attention. "   What was done:   — Published 23 monographs (including China and Russia), and more than 600 articles (including more than 100 — in international journals), received 35 patents for inventions, protected by 9 doctoral and 30 master’s theses; — To develop the existing "Rules for the classification and construction of sea-going vessels," "Rules for classification and construction of inland vessels," "Rules for the classification and construction of small craft", "Rules for the classification and construction of ships with," "How to build ships using the elements of the exploited Donor vessels "; — Made by projects developed newest ships in the world shipyards in Turkey, Russia, China, Bulgaria, Germany, Ukraine. The economic impact of the introduction of over 1.3 billion hryvnia.



October 2012. The rector of NUS Sergey Ryzhkov, the designer Olga Egorova and CEO of Marine Engineering BureauProfessor Gennady Yegorov (left to right) at the KhersonShipyard during the ceremonial lowering of the main vessel of RST 27 "SVL Liberty" — the first fully complete the tanker, which was built in the modern history of Ukraine.



State Prize of the Rector of NUS Sergey Ryzhkov handsUkrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.


The unique contours of a new vessel of the "DES Liberty" are the product of the research work carried out in 2010, and established using methods of computational fluid mechanics.

  Photos of the Press Service of NUS Admiral Makarov.

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