Nikolai Fedorov: Rostov growers can count on 200%

of state "

Agriculture Minister promised to support large Rostov growers.

During the working visit to St. Petersburg Russian Agriculture Minister Nikolai Fyodorov visited Rostov Hippodrome. Later held a briefing for journalists on which the head of the Ministry of Agriculture responded to a question about what to expect Don growers.

"With the federal government Rostov growers can count not only on the 100, but all 200 percent support. But the procedure is not an easy decision for both the region and for the federal budget. Typically, after verification by 40-50 per cent of the stated amount. We have already talked with the President and the Chairman of the Government of indirect support — it maloprotsentny or interest-free loan budget that you can use on your own regional government. On the ground, know better, who are more affected. Direct support to growers, producers of other products. So today we are both operative federal aid offer quicker to issue preferential budgetary loans from the federal government.

"We will look for reserves and additional resources to help now, not next year", — assured the federal minister.

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