NIS GLONASS and Tetrasvyaz signed a cooperation agreement


Federal network operator "NIS GLONASS" and the federal services of a professional radio operator "Tetrasvyaz" (included in the Russian consortium ATGroup) signed a cooperation agreement.

On the side of "NIS" documents signed by General Director Alexander Gurko from OAO "Tetrasvyaz" — CEO Alexander Moldavanov. The agreement was signed on June 1 at the 5th International Forum on Satellite Navigation in the exhibition "Navitech-Expo 2011".

The subject of the agreement is cooperation between the companies in the development of the Russian market of navigation equipment and services, and promote domestic satellite system GLONASS in Russia and abroad.

The priority area of cooperation between the parties determined the development and implementation of information and navigation solutions based on standard equipment TETRA, using GLONASS. The agreement provides for the parties involved in the development and mass production of equipment TETRA-GLONASS since 2011.

For the implementation of joint initiatives by expressing willingness to share information, carry out joint projects and public events promoting GLONASS technology in domestic and international markets.

"The interaction with" Tetrasvyaz "will allow the transfer of information within the various navigation projects" NIS GLONASS "using professional VHF frequency range, which is extremely important to ensure the reliability, quality and security of information, especially in emergency situations," — said General Director JSC "NIS" Alexander Gurko.
"Information Technology and the alliance with the federal network operator" NIS GLONASS "will allow to accumulate experience and innovative potential of our companies for the introduction of domestic solutions and services based on GLONASS. We are confident that our partnership will contribute to the implementation of government initiatives to promote and popularize the Russian navigation system ", — says CEO of" Tetrasvyaz "Alexander Moldavanov.

About the company:

JSC "Navigation Information Systems" (NIS GLONASS) — A federal network operator in the field of navigation. RF Government Decree of 11 July 2009 number 549 of "NIS" is defined by the federal network operator in the field of navigation. The Board of Directors of JSC "NIS" composed of representatives of public and private organizations interested in the development of GLONASS. Shareholders: AFK "System" — 51% of JSC "Russian Space Systems" — 49%.

JSC "Tetrasvyaz" — a leading Russian systems integrator and network, federal services of a professional radio operator on the basis of GLONASS / TETRA, with extensive experience and broad capabilities to implement large-scale telecommunications projects and implements custom solutions for different market segments. In 2007 the company became part of the consortium ATGroup, in which the projects are being implemented by the construction of integrated security systems, monitoring and management for government, commercial and private customers.

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