NIVA has withstood extreme test drive

From 8 to 9 September, the team "Wild Russia" took part in the rally, "Peter — Vyborg-2012", which was held in the format of linear GPS-navigation. The aim of the expedition — to check the worth of the factory Chevrolet NIVA without additional training.

"AvtoSreda" continues to light up a joint expedition of the project JV "GM-AvtoVAZ" and of "Peter Lada" — "Wild Russia", which started in June this year. The crews of the off-road Chevrolet NIVA travel the country and discover new wild places for Russians. This time, it was decided to drive the car into the swamp!

In theory, the teams had to rally for a specific time to go your route, "take" control point and to overcome all the obstacles in its path. In practice, however, the pilots had to wade on the most complicated areas of off-road maneuvering between the trees, and even swim gracefully skirting the pitfalls. By winning the next point, the driver had to get close to her at arm’s length and capture the moment "docking" on the photo. Presented later photograph in which, under the rules, the point number must be displayed on the ground, the driver or co-driver and the starting number of the crew, estimated scores. This time the expedition "Wild Russia" participated in two test categories: the "light" and "standard with a winch."

In the category of "light" was fighting for the title of "Green Sally" — a car assembly Limited Edition, released for the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet. At the head of the pilot and co-drivers Korablev Alexey Rodin, Sergei and Andrei Golovin team overcame the crazy off-road sections! In addition, despite the immense cavity and inaccessible gullies within the crew felt very comfortable.

In the class "standard with a winch" was a car nicknamed "Tractor". The real storm off-road! Where the neighboring machine sadly drowned under the support of grieving persons of the crew, he was flying smoothly and parse out those in trouble rally participants. By the way, the participants always treat each other with understanding and in a friendly manner. Many times the team "tractor", headed by Leonid Vasiliev pilot and the navigator George Chernyaev "pulled" from the bogs "competing" with our cars. Off-road all share!

Another car — "White Swallow" — not officially participated in the race, but his noble and luxury equipment to "bald" tires still held virtually unchecked trajectory of the "light", following on the heels of "Sally." The day before the start there was a downpour and the track "light" in some areas has been diluted to the level of "extreme." "Swallow" stuck only once — 100 meters before the finish. Participants in the "Wild Russia" are still in a kind of confusion that the factory machines without training withstood such a test. Diagnostics before you go off-road guys are doing a service center "Piter-Lada".

Ahead — a trip to the Lake Onega.

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