Nizhegorodskiy Ship passed the head multipurpose vessel situational Ladoga

July 10 mill "Nizhny Novgorod Ship" All-handed head situational craft project BLV02 (yard number 902) "Ladoga".

Customer — PKU "Rechvodput" Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian Federation.

"Ladoga" built for Volga-Baltic State Basin Department of Waterways and Navigation. Situational ship designed to carry out the following work:

• Monitor the status of the fairway on the inland waterways and harbors;
• Monitor the status of the channel to navigation, control burning lights illuminated signs on the situation;
• Placement and removal of signs, as well as their movement when changing the boundaries of the fairway;
• Maintenance of waterway signs and repair of light signaling equipment.

Navigation area — inland waterways of Russia within the constraints; marine areas, the relevant area of navigation M-SP 3.5. On radio operation is expected in areas A1.

Is a steel-deck twin-screw-propelled ship with the add tank and poop, with transom aft end, with the main engines and living in the aft deckhouse, with the working deck in the middle, at the same time allows you to put 4 buoy type BMS, with a cargo crane, designed to work with buoys.

The vessel has the following main features:

Overall length — about 47,00 m;
Length BP — 40.49 m;
Overall width — about 10.50 m;
Beam on waterline — 9.70 m;
Midship depth — 3.50 m;
Draft (CWL / maximum) — 2,0 / 2,5 m;
Speed — 10.8 knots.;
Endurance — 15 days.

RRR class: M-SP 3.5 (Ice 40) A.

As a single means of movement and control applied two full-circle-circle rudder propellers (WRC) SPR FP 440 with a capacity of about 588 kW on each screw. Fixed pitch propellers with a diameter of 1.45 m, in nozzles.

WRC drive via Z-transfer between two high-speed diesel engines MAN capacity of 588 kW each.

Speed — 11.8 knots.

The design of the bow reinforced ice-strengthened. To improve the survivability of the ship is equipped parameters second board for almost the entire length of the forepeak bulkhead to the after-peak and the second from the bottom of the forepeak bulkhead and the forward bulkhead of the engine room. Tank fuel and oil does not come into contact with the outer skin.

To ensure compliance with the vessel to its core functions to remove, formulation and maintenance of navigational signs and signals, provided the cargo hydraulic crane with a lifting capacity of 8 tons with 10.0 m boom crane working at sea 3 points without losing capacity at maximum radius.

Resetting the deck anchors at buoy lift capacity is 3 tons

For maintenance of signs and signals is a work boat.

The ship’s crew — 12 people. Chain of command is placed in single-unit cabins with individual bathrooms, and the rest of the crew — in single and double cabins with washbasins. There are separate cabins for inspecting officer.

Hydrographic satellite receiver GPS, dual-frequency single beam echo sounder and a portable measuring the velocity of sound in water, ensure compliance with vessel hydrographic features.

Provides a set of specialized software to perform the installation and monitoring of navigation buoys.

Bookmark the lead ship of the project BLV02 "Ladoga" (Yard number 902) was held on 15.03.12. 25.04.13 descent. Letting 07/10/13.
Bookmark the second vessel of BLV02 "Buran" (Yard number 903) was held on 07.08.12. Descent 06/04/13.

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