Nizhnekamsk launched Russia’s first production of polymeric containers for the collection of solid waste

Nizhnekamsk plant "Ay Plast" is one of the leading Russian manufacturers of industrial large plastic containers and packaging. The plant has 550 employees, revenues in 2011 amounted to 4.6 billion rubles, processed 46,000 tons of polymer raw materials, 95 percent of which is produced in Tatarstan.

September 11th the company launched a new product line, the foundation of which is the largest in Russia and Eastern Europe injection molding machine injection molding machine clamping force of 5500 tons 5500 made by the Austrian company Engel.

The new production is import substitution, so as to start the injection molding machine Engel 5500 all large trash containers were imported into Russia from Europe.

Investing in new production totaled 468 million rubles. Annual revenues from the implementation of this project in 2014 should amount to 1 billion rubles.

The first product, manufactured in the TPA 5500, became a container for the collection of solid waste volume of 1,100 liters. Further range of containers to be expanded.



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