Nizhnekamsk SSC Tire successfully tested the KAMA tires

All-steel tires, manufactured Nizhnekamsk SSC Tire KAMA brand, tested truckers.
Tire brand KAMA NT-201, mounted on a trailer, covered the distance of 30 thousand kilometers on the route Magnitogorsk — Moscow — St. Petersburg — Chelyabinsk — Magnitogorsk and with almost no wear of the tire pressure level was normal, and the depth of the tread pattern has remained unchanged — 16 mm.


In accordance with the rules and found the level of pressure in the tires. The driver of train, "NT-201 tires are soft, do not make noise, they have good handling, both on dry and on wet roads."


Project to test the all-steel truck tires, KAMA has been launched by one of the dealers of the Trade House "Kama" in early May 2011. Project seeks to identify how innovative tires are subject to wear and how to behave in different road conditions. To test-drive tires were chosen KAMA NT-201, the press-service of JSC "Tatneft".

The decision task was given to the company "Omega", carrying out transportation of cargo in Russia. Representative on business and technical issues of "Shininvest" held monthly inspection of tires mounted on the car and gather information about the mileage of tires, pressure level, and assessed the degree of wear of the tread.

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