Nizhnekamskshina increased production

"Nizhnekamskshina" in 2010 produced 10.957 million tires, which is 16% higher than in 2009, according to "Interfax" referring to the deputy director of the company for the production of Yreka Khafizova. In particular, produced 3.569 million truck tires (up 16%), 7.12 million passenger cars (up 15%) and 240 thousand agricultural tires (up 29%). In this case, the original plan for the anticipated release of last year only 9.8 million units of tires. "According to our estimates, in 2010 we will take 35-37% of the Russian market (share in total production of tires — IF)," — said I.Hafizov.

To increase the production of tires in the last year, according to the deputy director general, was caused by the growing demand from automakers and the aftermarket. "First of all, saying a stable job automobile. Production on "AvtoVAZ", the need for which has grown very strongly reflected in our work. On the "AvtoVAZ" we monthly supply of 135-150 thousand tires — it is about the pre-crisis level. Also affected the production orders from the "KAMAZ". In addition, we have started to supply tires for the assembly of cars manufactured by the Volkswagen Group in Russia ", — said I.Hafizov. The plan for 2011 involves the issue of 11,888,000 tires at a power plant in 12.15 million tires a year.
"Nizhnekamskshina" has been part of the petrochemical complex of OAO "Tatneft", writes The sole executive body is the Management Company OOO "Tatneft-Neftehim." From 1 January 2006 production activities "Nizhnekamskshina" was translated into tolling scheme work. Supply of raw materials involved in OOO "Tatneft-Neftekhimsnab ‘sales of finished products — LLC" Trade House "Kama". The main shareholders of "Nizhnekamskshina" are 100%-s "daughter" of "Tatneft" — "MC" Tatneft-Neftehim "(share 59.4%), OOO" Tatneft-Aktiv "(7%), and OOO" Fin -Invest "(6.6%).

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