Nizhny Novgorod plant Red Sormovo launched the third tanker project RST27

April 14, 2012 "Plant" Red Sormovo "(General Director Nikolai Zharkov, the plant is included in the JSC" United Shipbuilding Corporation ") launched the third tanker" VF Tanker-2 "project RST27 deadweight in the sea / river 7022/5420 tons ( building number 02002).

Whole Plant "Red Sormovo" to be built ten tankers project RST27. Fifteen ships of the same project builds RST27 Oka Shipyard in Navashino and three ships — Kherson Shipyard.
Customer — shipping company "VFTanker" (Managing Director Sergey Bryzgalov, the company is a holding company VBTH, the majority shareholder of which is the international transport group Universal Cargo Logistics Holding, consolidating a number of Russian shipping, stevedoring and shipping companies).
Hull’s theoretical forms are the product of the research work carried out in 2010, were created using the methods of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD simulation) model and have been tested in experimental pool Central Research Institute. Acad. Krylov.
In comparison with other projects of the new Bureau of the tanker project RST27 have reinforced river function, increased by 732 tonnes deadweight in the river (when compared with the "Armada") while maintaining a high capacity of cargo tanks and ruggedized housing (marine grade II or R2 district — the old RS classification).
Class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping — KM Ice1 R2 AUT1-ICS OMBO VCS ECO-S Oil tanker (ESP).
Like other tankers mixed swimming MEB, court RST27 project is used as a single means of movement and management of full-circle rudder rudder trunk of have developed, primenenyat freight submersible pumps, they have no longitudinal bulkhead in CL and set in the cargo tanks.
Vessels of RST27 meet the dimensions of the Volga-Don Canal and Volga — Baltic Way. Overall length of 140.85 m, width — 16.6 m, depth — 6.0 m Belong to tankers "Volga-Don max" class.
In the design takes into account the special requirements of Russian and international oil companies, additional environmental constraints class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping "ECO PROJECT" (ECO-S).
RST27 craft project designed for the transportation of crude oil and petroleum products without restrictions for flash.
Capacity of six cargo tanks and two slop tanks of 8,100 cubic meters. m, deadweight — 7022 tons at draft 4.20 m, in the river draft of 3.60 m — 5420 tons, cruising speed — 10.0 knots.
Cargo system is designed for simultaneous transport of two types of cargo, cargo pump performance — 6 x 200 m³ / h. Has two auxiliary steam boiler capacity of 2.5 t / h
As the main engines are two medium-speed diesels to 1200 kW, operating on heavy fuel oil with a viscosity of IFO380. Thruster — 230 kW.
The power plant consists of three diesel generators from 292 kW emergency diesel generator parking 136 kW.
Crew — 12 people, places — 14 + pilot.
Autonomy (in the sea / river) — 20/12 days.
The lead ship of the project "VF Tanker — 1" (building number 02001) was laid down 30.08. , 2011. The descent took place on 17.02.12.
The second ship of the project "VF Tanker — 2" (building number 02002) was laid down on 15.11.11. The descent took place on 14.04.12.
The third vessel of "VF Tanker — 3" (building number 02003) was laid 03.10.11. The descent took place on 17.03.12.
The fourth vessel of "VF Tanker — 4" (building number 02004) was laid down 20.12. 11.
The fifth vessel of "VF Tanker — 5" (building number 02005) was laid down on 15.12.11.
The sixth ship of the project "VF Tanker — 6" (building number 02006) was laid 28.02.12.

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