Nizhny Novgorod scientists have developed an effective tool to fight cancer

In 2007, the doctors of the Volga district health center (POMTS) asked the academics to request the creation device, capable to reduce the time removal of malignant tumors. As a result of such a device was invented in the department of physics of plasma and high-power electronics of the Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP)


The instrument was developed in a laboratory simulation of space plasma studies the electromagnetic radiation, including microwave, and headed by Alexander Kostrov. "This range of radiation used in radar, communications, space research and everyday life. For example, a microwave oven, or microwave ovens, "- says the head of the laboratory.

"The first step was to create the simplest of scientists circuit apparatus. The main elements are the magnetron — a device that provides radiation (used in microwave ovens), and the probe (coaxial cable), which conducts radiation, — says Alexander stake. — In the needle-antenna at the end of the cable is fed high-energy, heat it to 42-45C. It is at a temperature which is harmless to the healthy cells, tumor cells are killed. This needle antenna is introduced into a cancerous tumor that is exposed to high temperatures dying. "

The device is called KSTD — a set of microwave thermal destruction. Scientists also had to work on a mechanism that would reduce the radiation power as during the testing of the device in animals arose thermal burns bodies injected with a needle. For cooling the needle in it placed ceramic tube through which water circulates. The diameter of the needle is two millimeters.

Operations using this device has already been successfully done in the Volga district health center. Already, with the help of the device invented by physicists POMTsa doctors carrying out operations to destroy malignant tumors in the liver, kidney, pancreas, and ureter.

If earlier to remove a cancerous tumor three centimeters in diameter took about an hour, now 40-50 seconds. The operation is performed without deep anesthesia. The surgeon watches the needle insertion using ultrasound. In this part of the body and it is not completely erased, and on the site of the tumor is small scar. Recovery of the body after surgery is much faster.

Chief specialist in surgery FSI "POMTS FMBA Russia" Vladimir Zagaynov noted that this technology can be used even in advanced forms of cancer.

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