Nizhny Novgorod Ship launched the situational craft project BLV02 «Ladoga»

April 25, 2013 with a pile of "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship" launched on situational craft project BLV02 «Ladoga" (building number 902). This is the first of two vessels of situational BLV02, built at KIT within the framework of the state order.

Orders placed on situational judgment on KIT Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport (Rosmorrechflot) and the developer — PKU "Rechvodput." The first ship, "Ladoga", will be delivered to Schlusselburg for further work in the fleet FBU "Volga-Balt", the second ship "Buran", built for the FBI, "the White Sea Canal", Petrozavodsk.

Driving ships in their ports of registry and transfer to the customer is scheduled for early fall of this year, in accordance with the terms of the state contract.

Technical design of the vessel BLV02 project designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau, approved by the Russian River Register and Rospotrebnadzorom, approved by the customer. Work carried out the design of KIT-Engineering (Nizhny Novgorod).

Situational craft project BLV02 — this is a steel-deck twin-screw-propelled ship with the add tank and poop, with transom aft end, with the working deck in the middle, at the same time allows you to put 4 buoy with anchor type BMS devices, with the engine room and living in the aft deckhouse, with cargo crane.

Situational BLV02 craft project is designed to monitor the state of the fairway on the inland waterways and port areas; monitoring to navigation fairway control fires burning on the signs illuminated environment, placement and removal of signs, as well as their movement when changing the boundaries of the fairway, service marks waterway and repair of light signaling equipment.

Navigation area and the operating conditions of the vessel: Russian inland waterways subject to the restrictions, marine areas, the relevant area of navigation M-SP 3.5 (mixed (river-sea) sailing in rough seas with wave height 3% frequency of 3.50 m). Estimated temperature of external air 40? C at 65% humidity in the summer and at — 20? C Humidity 85% in winter, the water from 20? To 0? C respectively.

The main technical characteristics of the vessel: Length overall — 46.97 m, overall breadth — 10.48 m, draft on waterline — 2 m, speed in deep still water for painted hull without fouling at draft 2.0 m at 85% MCR — at least 10.8 knots.

Open Joint Stock Company "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship" was founded in 1911. The main specialization — the creation of support vessels and auxiliary vessels, port equipment and marine engineering products. The company has experience of successful projects full cycle — from design to construction and technical support for various vessel types. Bookmarkthe lead shipProject BLV02 (yard number 902) was held on 15.03.12. 25.04.13 descent.
Bookmarksecond vesselProject BLV02 (yard number 903) was held on 07.08.12.

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