Nizhny Tagil is experiencing command tank. Ahead of the Caucasus-2012

In Nizhny Tagil tested command tank. This was reported in the electronic version of the newspaper "The signalman" on the site of Concern "Constellation".
As you know, on the basis of a main battle tank T-90A modification created the AK equipped with an additional communication and navigation equipment, means of tactical situation display software and hardware of the control tank battalion, integrated into a single system of tactical unit (ESU TZ).
This machine is many times greater than the earlier version of the T-90K, entered service in June 1994.
The site also reported concern that soon the 5th Motorized Rifle Brigade, where a few years in a military trial operation ESU TK, will participate in the strategic command and staff exercises "Caucasus-2012".
One of the main objectives of the exercise is to practice used in modern network-centric warfare types of military action with new automated control systems (with the help of electronic and space reconnaissance and communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, precision weapons, etc.).
"In August, the majority of units 5 sep mot bde will be sent to Ashuluk, — says Vitali Wind, director of NTU, who works in the Research and Development Center" Operational and tactical level. "- Today, our staff will conduct a final Troubleshooting products. Main task — to help in the preparation of machines to conduct the exercise. "

To date, most of the shortcomings of the system tactical control identified in the course of the inter-ministerial committee (IAC) has been fixed, but the comments were, on which work is completed.
Designed for the Group’s "Constellation" ESU TK entered the final stage of testing MVK — before making a final decision on the future of systems and products, of which it is composed.

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