Nizhspetsavto released a new car models

The company "NizhSpetsAvto" said the release of a new model car hauler KamAZ 4308 with sloping platform and CMU Fassi F100 AT (Italy).

This model is a tow truck with manipulator allows the evacuation of vehicles despite the various obstacles such as fences or near parked cars. The main purpose of this type of tow trucks is to transport vehicles as well as the evacuation of defective, damaged in the accident vehicles. 

Gross weight of the vehicle is 11,900 kg and the load capacity is 6.9 t chassis It has an engine Cummins 6 ISBe 210 (Euro-3), which develops 203 horsepower available capacity. Kamaz 4308 was mounted polygonal platform that allows cars to carry more than 6 m long

With no need for the use of the CMU, loading t / s can be a two retractable ramps. Tow truck Kamaz 4308 has onboard hydraulic crane Italian production Fassi F100AT12, equipped with a rotator and cross-arm with hydraulic balancer, load moment having 10.7 t / m
This CMU can handle loads weighing up to 4305 kg. the minimum working radius equal to 2.15 m and a maximum outreach to 5.85 m, in which the weight of the lifted load can be up to 1630 kg. To increase the stability of the vehicle when lifting loads with a large mass, this CMU has additional rear hydraulic outriggers. Feature of this design of the manipulator is that it can curl tap into the transport position across the vehicle previously dismantled traverse.

Factory special car "NizhSpetsAvto" has released a new model of the manipulator MAZ 6312 with a loader crane (CMU) KANGLIM 1256 GII. The press service of the company.

MAZ 6312 is a large-capacity three-axle truck manufactured by the Minsk Automobile Plant. It also fitted with advanced engine JAMZ-6582.10 (Euro-3), which develops 330 hp, working together with a mechanical gearbox nine-9JS135T. This model has a comfortable over a new "restyling" cabin has a modern design and clean lines. Carrying capacity of the chassis is 16 tons. These car models can be applied in various areas of business such as transportation of goods, which has a large mass.

On MAZ 6312 mounted a South Korean loader cranes KANGLIM 1256 GII Hexagon Telescope has 6 sections. A definite advantage of this model of the manipulator — the possibility of lifting and lowering due to obstacles (walls, fences, etc.), as well as the gradual extension of The folding sections, in view of which it is possible to maximize the load moment. Also, the scope of the repair work is, in particular, the reduction of sewer channels.

According to many experts, this manipulator taking into account all its characteristics ideally suited for low-rise construction, as it has a relatively high load capacity and maximum working radius. The minimum working radius of 2 meters of its load capacity of 7 tons in turn at maximum boom equal to 18.7 m, this CMU can handle loads up to 300 kg. Payload vehicle after the installation of the CMU will be 10 tons.

Currently KANGLIM is considered to be a leading manufacturer of cranes-manipulators in South Korea. Ability to work with loads below ground level (wells, quarrying, etc.), as well as the use of crane systems KANGLIM in various fields: construction, transportation — all of this is a significant advantage of the South Korean brand.

The entire range of machinery proposed plant is certified and GOST certificates of international standards. Deliveries are made to any region of Russia. The company is engaged in manufacture and sale of motor vehicles is more than 5 years old and has partnerships with manufacturers of various chassis, focusing and offering the best there is in the market of special equipment.…&sid=26&nid=51000 

Factory "NizhSpetsAvto" introduced a new range of models on the Italian car hauler chassis Iveco Daily 70 with a sliding platform.
The main purpose of the tow truck is towing services involved in the incident or of the failed.
Tow truck chassis Iveco Daily 70 has a diesel engine F1C with capacity of 145 horsepower, the appropriate environmental standards "Euro-4". Anti-corrosion treatment protects the body from the adverse effects of the environment and increases the service life. Payload chassis of this model is 4.7 m
On Tow Truck Iveco Daily 70 is mounted movable platform was. Length of the platform, which is covered with two layers of a special enamel that protects it from destruction, is 5.2 m
This tow truck equipped with a tool box, hydraulic winch with a pulling force of 4.1 tons, and the tie straps and a light beam on which the beacon orange and two lanterns lighting platform.
Vehicle recovery is by shifting back platform and lower the rear part of it to the ground with the further use of hydraulic winches. Carrying capacity of the model tow truck is 3.5 tons.

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