NKMZ resumed production of forged pipe

On NOVOKRAMAT Donetsk region have resumed production of forged pipe. This work is organized in cooperation with the Kiev stock company "TMM" Energostroy. "In his address of Kramators’k sent the first batch of forgings for the partners.

At a special production in Chugueva experts "Enregostroya" forging bent, welded and ready-made pipes will be sent to customers — Power Perm in Russia. In fact joined the Triple Alliance, which includes mechanical engineers, pipe manufacturers and customers. What are the prospects and possibilities of such a union, there is a need for trumpets on the market and of consumers who are willing to make bookings Ukrainian enterprises — this in an interview with UKRINFORM says head of Marketing metallurgical NKMZ Vladimir Oksamytny.

— Vladimir, and yet at the beginning of the production chain — mechanical engineers. Was a similar experience in the production of forged pipe at the company in the past?

— In the nineties of the last century NKMZ already engaged in their release. But then some of this production has received. There simply was not enough demand for such products. Today, when the reconstruction, modernization and repair of tube cleaning both thermal and nuclear power plants, forged pipe again and took on a significant scale. And bear in mind that work NKMZ can not only in Ukraine, but also other countries of the CIS. Is this the plant and facilities and power.

— It was they came in handy when there are new demands of the market?

— Handy that Novokramatorsky Machine Works has a powerful metal-press production, own steel casting. The resulting ingots are forgings for future pipes. Handy and cooperation with Kiev partners to further bring our harvesting to the finished product.

— Where applicable forged pipe?

— This is mainly energy facilities, nuclear and thermal power plants. A lot of them in Ukraine as well as in our main customer — Russia, where they planned large-scale reconstruction. So our order book will not be empty.

— After completing co-operation in the first order of Perm TPP orders over what works today NKMZ?

— Experts Bureau issued a metallurgical factory shop in the technical documentation for the manufacture of pipes for the Leningrad nuclear power plant. The work is valued at thirty million hryvnia has already begun. Already in March, we will begin to forge pipes Bereza nuclear plant. Next in line for their production of "Mosenergo", Surgut and other customers. In general, it is best to confirm: Novokramatorsky Machine Works has successfully mastered the novel to her specialty Trubnik with considerable benefits both for themselves and for consumers.


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