Author of the report — George (Martin) Malec

In February 1931, the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR adopted a resolution on the construction of the plant in Lipetsk cast iron. The construction of the plant took more than four years, and in November 1934 given the first iron. Today NLMK produces pig iron, slabs, cold-rolled, hot-rolled, galvanized, dynamo, transformer steel and steel with polymer coating. NLMK is the third largest steel mill in the country and produces about 14% of Russia’s total steel output, 21% — rolled products, 55% of coated steel. At 350 km from the plant is the Kursk magnetic anomaly — the main supplier of raw materials for the company.


2. It is the oldest at the moment the blast furnace, built in 1978. A total of seven furnaces NLMK.

3. Blast furnaces can not be put out, otherwise they will be ruined, so this furnace operates continuously for 35 years.

4. Furnace used for smelting iron and ferro-alloys of iron ore.

5. The resulting reaction of molten metal droplets dripping down on the hot coke, feasting carbon.

6. Only at the plant employs more than 30,000 people, and in every other Lipetsk somehow linked to NLMK.

7. Low metal in the furnace reaches 2000 degrees.

8. Horn blast furnace — the lower part of the blast furnace is equipped with a device for the production of pig iron and for blowing heated air.

9. The power of this oven about 800 million tons of iron a year, if I’m not mistaken.


11. Furnace "Russian woman" — the first blast furnace was built in Russia in the last 25 years. Capacity of more than three million tons of pig iron per year.

12. Molten iron is poured into special containers for transport to the shop.

13. The Control Center, there will not be long delayed.

14. NLMK area — 28 square kilometers, and the length of the fence — 38 kilometers.


16. NLMK consumes annually about 14 million tons of iron ore.

17. Iron enters this shop where processing has formed metal sheets.

18. The length of the production line more than a kilometer.

19. The main operating element is a roller press.


21. Unfortunately, not allowed to come closer.





26. All this is controlled from several rooms and in the shop, and there is no particular people.

27. At the end of the line has cooled metal wound into rolls.


29. Quality control.



32. Right in the heart of the plant is a living area with birds and fish in the lake.

33. The weight of one roll can reach 20 tons.





38. Itself corrode steel so coated to protect it with zinc.

39. Finished steel coils are loaded onto railroad cars.

40. Work, take care! Thank you! :)

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