No worse than the Germans

As a small company Novgorod ousted German manufacturer with market leadership

In "Kompenz-Elastic" work of 25 people. They make expansion joints for Russia — have orders from Nakhodka to Kaliningrad and supply their products to Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. In the coming months will begin to work their office in Germany.

Co-founder of "Kompenz-Elastic" Maxim Muratshin four years working as an engineer in Germany. Early last year, he returned to Russia in April opened its production of non-metallic expansion joints with a partner — CEO "Kompenz", which had previously produced only metal expansion joints.

"I told my partner about his experience and production technology, which is used in Germany — says Muratshin. — He became interested, and we opened production next to the already existing ".

Brand also has been selected as a derivative of "Kompenza" — "Kompenz-Elastic" In general, expansion joints are used in all industries — wherever there is a transfer of heat: energy, metallurgy, woodworking.

Compensator — a device flexible insert used in piping systems, serving to compensate for changes in the length of pipeline sections arising due to thermal expansion of the pipe material, or as a result of construction works. "Our products are used in the power industry, in the manufacture of gas turbine technology, the manufacture of paper, and then buy the generating companies", — says Muratshin. Production is not assembly-line — non-metallic expansion joints are made by individual orders Investments in production paid off within a year. Profitability is high — more than 35%.

We now have "Kompenz-Elastic" on the market for only two Russian competitor. "This is a semi-public enterprises is not very effective form of management — says Muratshin. — But when we entered the market, there were mostly Turkish and German manufacturers. Now they have about 15-20% of the market. "

Oust the German and Turkish imports have been achieved through transparent pricing (the company does not work with intermediaries) and smaller delivery time.

One of the customers’ Kompenza "raskazal" Expert Online "on their cooperation," "Kompenz-Elastic" came to us himself — about six months ago. Before we ordered expansion in Germany, but they offered us the same thing in less time. Sometimes it may even make the canceller during the day. We conducted an experiment on one of the segments of our chain — works fine, no problem. Then they offered us a replacement service, we agreed and until satisfied. "

"Generally pedantic Germans — is a myth, — the Muratshin. — German suppliers often fail timing, wrong preparation of documents. The Germans do produce excellent cars and industrial machinery, but it should not extend to the entire industry. In industries where work mostly immigrants from Bulgaria, Romania, from Turkey, and the German on the plant does not drag. The bulk of production there is not particularly different from the Russian, they have just the right motivation. "

In selecting suppliers Muratshin also inclined to patriotism, despite the circumstances. "75% of our components — foreign production, 25% — for — leading figures Muratshin. — So now our very big problem — this is a Russian custom. But the next few years we plan to increase this ratio to 50 to 50 ".

With Russian suppliers Muratshin like to work more than foreign, "Russian suppliers even in the sense of punctuality win — continues to debunk myths Muratshin. — In Germany, any deviation from the established order parameters at times increases the cost of the product. In Russia — no. In addition, the Germans often buy game in China and then sold under its own brand. "

"Instilled in us that we do not know how and we can not! — Outraged Muratshin. — And we are not worse. I tell everyone, everywhere: Russians are the most industrious, intelligent engineers. "

Although actually a personnel problem — the sick for most industries. At the same time, according to Muratshin, working age men still prefer the production — of course, provided the salary is higher than the market average. The salary of the workers in the production of "Kompenz-Elastic" 25-35 thousand a premium for employee morale and allowances.

"We have recruited staff through word of mouth: found two or three experts, they brought with them more people," — says the businessman.

Muratshin now plans to invite the work of several young professionals, immediately after graduation.

"We agreed with the Polytechnic University — students, which we have selected, will write a diploma with the technical part on our products," — says Muratshin.

Expansion of the staff "Kompenz-Elastic" is parallel with the expansion of geography. Sales office in Germany will be operational next week.

According Muratshin already have a lot of requests for Russian expansion — though still small: in Belgium and Finland. The company’s plans — to increase the share of exports to 40% of the turnover.

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