Nord Stream finished laying 500 km of 1 224 thousand km of gas pipeline Nord Stream

Nord Stream AG has completed the laying of 500 km of 1 224 thousand km of gas pipeline "Nord Stream" through the Baltic Sea. As the company said, which is the operator of the "Nord Stream", the construction is carried out in accordance with the schedule for start transporting gas from Russia to Europe at the end of 2011.

At present, the construction of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream" is conducted simultaneously in all five countries through whose waters it will pass. October 19 Castoro Sei pipelay vessel entered the Danish waters about 50 km to the south of the island of Bornholm. The vessel Castoro Sei raised from the bottom of the whip pipeline in the German waters, where the flat-bottomed pipelay vessel Castoro Dieci low draft completed ahead of schedule, laying a complex area in shallow waters off the coast of Germany.

At the same time on the other side of the tracks "Nord Stream" length of 1 224 thousand km the world’s largest pipelay vessel Solitaire has reached a length of 300 m boundary of the exclusive economic zones of Finland, completing the laying of a key site in Russian waters. The Solitaire laying produced from the place where the vessel Castoro Sei completed the construction of the site.

Recall the construction of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream" began in April 2010. in the exclusive economic zone of Sweden. Castoro Sei pipelay vessel started laying pipes in the Swedish island of Gotland in the eastern direction, moving in Finnish waters, and then in Russia.

"Nord Stream" — a new route for Russian gas exports to Europe. The gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea from the Portovaya Bay (near Vyborg in the Leningrad region) to the German coast (near Greifswald). The pipeline will be approximately 1.2 kilometers. Commissioning of the first pipeline capacity of 27.5 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year is scheduled for 2011. Construction of the second line will increase the capacity of "Nord Stream" to 55 billion cubic meters. m Total investment in construction is estimated at EUR 7.4 billion (including interest on loans — 8.8 billion euros). Term return on investment, according to preliminary estimates, will amount to 10-16 years.

The "Nord Stream" is implementing a joint venture Nord Stream AG, established for the planning, construction and subsequent operation of the offshore gas pipeline. At the moment the shares in the company Nord Stream AG are distributed as follows: OAO "Gazprom" — 51%, Wintershall Holding and E.On Ruhrgas — 20%, Gasunie — 9%. OAO "Gazprom" and Gaz de France on July 19, 2010. signed an addendum to the final agreement of the shareholders Nord Stream AG, comprising the French company’s entry into the project "Nord Stream". The share of Gaz de France in the project will amount to 9%.

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