Norilsk Nickel creates cobalt production in the Murmansk region

OJSC "MMC" Norilsk Nickel "has launched a project to build its own cobalt production, the company said. The main applications are metal and heavy-duty special alloys and compounds, chemicals, batteries and others.

Currently, the main products of cobalt, produced in an electrolytic nickel (Ceng) JSC "Kola MMC" (Kola MMC, a subsidiary of the Company), is a cobalt concentrate. This intermediate product is the raw material for further processing into commercial cobalt products having wide application in various industries.

Specialists Research Center MMC "Norilsk Nickel" — the Institute "Hypronickel" — the calculations that are proven economic feasibility of creating your own cobalt production company based Monchegorsk industrial area of Kola MMC.

The efficiency of the project lay in the technical and technological solutions confirmed stable operation area extraction of cobalt KGMK, where from 2007 to pilot plant in small volumes arranged production of electrolytic cobalt, one of the most advanced to date technology.

Currently, the engineers of the Institute "Hypronickel" developing working papers, KGMK experts are working on the conclusion of contracts for the supply of equipment.

The planned duration of the project — in 2014, investment in the project is estimated at about 2 billion rubles.

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