North India continues to suffer losses from landslides

North India continues to suffer losses from landslides, Natural Disasters

The death toll from the series of landslides and floods in northern India has reached 45 persons. Over the weekend, rescue services and walkers military brigade recovered from the rubble and mud sediment body is 17-year survivors. Basically, it was the people of the northern state of Uttarakhand, which is located in the Himalayas. In search operations around four mountain villages actively participated by local residents.

Organizers search operations suggest that after landslides are about 18 people could be among the dead, but as long as their bodies are not found, they will be missing in the hold of the districts of Uttarakhand.
Not only local residents suffered losses from the constant rains and subsequent landslides that started to haunt the neighborhood of 12 September 2012. A group of people, consisting of about one hundred pilgrims, due to heavy rainfall was forced to cease its ascent to the ancient Hindu temple, located on one of the peaks of the Himalayan mountain range.
Despite the fact that in India, no surprise monsoon rains in some parts of the country during the rainy season this year has been more severe than usual. In other places, on the contrary, it was not enough, that is the best illustrates the disruption of normal weather patterns. In the north, where the excess rain caused flooding constantly, for a season 6 million refugees were Hindus. Other states are also on the verge of drought. General statistics on the country claims that the national average regarding the monsoon was 10% below normal.

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