North Ossetian border guards handed over the keys to new apartments

New home, which was expected. Today in Vladikavkaz, in a festive atmosphere to the families of border guards handed over the keys to new apartments. Two multi-storey house in a new neighborhood is almost ready to accept newcomers. Such a gift to employees of the FSB Border Guard and the North Ossetian made for the 95th anniversary of the Russian Border Service.
Spouses Snezhko own square footage waited for more than 10 years. By law, a family of three is assumed one-bedroom apartment. And then, finally, you can enter. Settlers have even decided how to furnish a new home.
Sergei Snezhko, an employee of the FSB Border Russian Republic of North Ossetia-Alania, "Here 60 squares, large, spacious apartment. What I like most about it is that here individual heating costs column. It is very convenient. We are satisfied. New housing has a new home. "
Natalia Snezhko: "Compared to where we are now living, the kitchen is spacious. I love that there is a loggia. It is very convenient. Large pantry, all dreamed about for a long time. "
234 flats for key employees of the Federal Security Service and the Border Control of North Ossetia. On the eve of the 95th anniversary of the Russian Federal Border Guard Service, in solemn documents and the keys to their own homes received only 4 families. The other owners of new apartments inhabited since September.
Vitaly Zangionov, deputy chairman of the government of North Ossetia-Alania, "This is an additional motivation, incentive, in order to with great zeal to serve, to protect the safety and tranquility of the citizens who live not only in the territory of the Republic, but also in Russia."
The construction was financed from the federal budget under the program provide housing for servicemen. All apartments are fully aware of the fact that today the settlers were able to enter. Each individual heating system. Outside there is a playground and parking for cars.
Two high-rise buildings with total area of 14,500 square meters. The construction of these houses lasted one and a half years. A waiting list of 5 items. In the near future, employees will receive a flat border controls that are deployed on the border.

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