North Suez. Step to transport superpower

While the attention of bewildered humanity focused on events in the volatile south, in the Arab world — in the north of the Eurasian continent is pretty quiet and not so far made much of the case, which could cause the global economy and, consequently, the policy changes are not less fundamental than any "Arab Spring ".


The fact that the Middle East, gentlemen — is not only and not so much oil, in addition, as the Libyan experience, the civil war oil production — not the biggest obstacle. A supplier, in principle, is not so important: if petrodollars and smell, it is very pleasing to the wearer. And the rest — do not care.

But there is in the Middle East, one thing that is valuable not less, maybe more than the entire Middle East oil, and at the same time — a far more unique.

And this thing called the Suez Canal. The route by which so advantageous that shipowners are even ready to submit to the presence in the Gulf of Aden by Somali pirates, and, in fact, has no economic alternatives: and this despite the fact that the maritime transport and so rightly considered to be the cheapest in the world, far cheaper and car and rail. Alternatives, again — no.

More precisely — was not. Because it was in those days, Russia is preparing for the wiring on the Northern Sea Route, the largest in the history of tankers of 162,000 tons with a cargo of gas condensate from Norway to Thailand even considering the fact that the wiring will be carried out by two atomic icebreaker "Yamal" and "50 Years of Victory" — it should, according to calculations, to be decently profitable postings from the same tanker tonnage through the Suez Canal. And it could turn into a very, very serious redistribution of the transport markets.

I would even say — a colossal stages. Because the Northern Sea Route runs exclusively through the territorial waters of Russia.

In this case, it was Russia that has the necessary technology to serve this route: nuclear icebreakers we know how to build, and the good — from the Soviet era (that have not forgot, now proves the ongoing construction). Coastal infrastructure, including ice-free port of Murmansk and ports at the mouths of the great Siberian rivers available, and although vnih need to invest more and invest — in any case it will be a lot easier and cheaper than doing everything "from scratch."

Currently build nine emergency response centers, from the Barents Sea to Chukotka, which will have to ensure full security "entries", then the Northern Sea Route can be considered a rough economic reality, which is now considered quite recently ridiculed gas "North the flow. "

In short, the Northern Sea Route Suez, certainly — is fully in place. But very well, "unload", and given the scale of the construction of roads and railways in recent times, Russia seems to have in the near future will be able to claim the status of not only energy, but the transport of a superpower that can, in fact, single-handedly control the trans-Eurasian transport flows.

And this is what is called — just another pair of shoes. Especially when you consider that a medical fact that the safety of the trans-Eurasian transport through the territory of Russia, including through extending along the coast of the Northern Sea Route is provided including a Russian nuclear traidoy: so — swim peacefully, gentlemen.

In the good way.

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