Northern Sea Route eyed Swede. Part 2

Recently freight company Stena Bulk signed a cooperation agreement with the department of transportation concern Hyundai, helping them to translate flows to the Northern Sea Route.
The tanker Stena Polaris (65.000 tonnes, grade P-MAX, double bead, ice protection 1A) came out of the Ust-Luga on September 15 with a cargo of 37,000 tons of naphtha firm Novatek to South Korea. Translation diary ship’s seafarers:

The first part

The second part follows:

October 4:

The sea is covered pancakes to the limit. Alas, I’m not talking about breakfast. So it was scored by the sea meeting point with a second icebreaker. The name "pancake ice" comes just from the appearance, it is literally floating on the surface of the pancakes. And between them, reflected sunbeams. Either the expensive look, because pancakes rock measured everywhere around the ship and make it seem as if it is floating.

Wall Polaris gracefully glided through this beauty to the fun, where we will wait for icebreaker Vaygach. The team poured onto the bridge deck and enjoy the view. What is the summary of Vaygach, I asked the Russian conductor. I do not know, ‘he said. After lunch answer. Ice guides are reconciled with the mother ship (ice breakers) twice a day: at 9:00 am and 21:00 MSK. Icebreakers help give all ships participating convoy. But it seems like our away again last night signal on CB radio was so weak, said the Russian. Reassured, I went down to the wardroom campaign for a pizza with mozzarella, which I was prepared to order. Then back to the gym, and I’ve got pants behave strangely, they are cold and they are compressed by the day, so that I could barely button my belt. Strangely

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We listen to the captain talks with Russian conductor Vaygach. Although we are in Russian of course not a boom-boom, but our second captain on the bridge said in Russian. He looked at us shaking his head. The bad news, of course. They come to our prikolu earliest October 7th at noon Moscow time, ie evening here. Okay, wait, because there are only two working icebreakers Taimyr and Vaygach, conduct convoys from west to east and back.

Suddenly a storm bearing down on us and completely swept the ship and ice pancakes. And then he stopped. So everything is changing rapidly in the Northern Sea Route.

(C) Patrik Svahn, head of the trade group Stena Bulk.

As usual Sunday day of the exercise, and today is not an exception. According to legend, we planted a helicopter, leaving the ship and put out the fire, this time in stock colors. In the 15-30 siren wailed and the entire crew and passengers off in places. We got a helicopter that was the fact that the captain of the third grade read aloud scenarios in which you might want to put a helicopter, and what to expect at this.

After the exchange of experiences and questions we were sent to the main office for an educational film on the landing of helicopters.

Then we were still forced to "put out the fire." The chief announced on the radio from the bridge that stock paint fire, it is in the feed on the poop deck (poop deck). Had to change only by employees. Chief engineer reassured that the warehouse is de-energized, because firefighters cautiously opened the door and began to put out an imaginary fire. Having determined that the fire was extinguished, all returned to the scene and the exercises were completed. We had to lay out the equipment, hoses and nozzles.

Expanding, siren howled again, now it’s time to escape from the ship. We all ran into a lifeboat with bright numbers on the board. The sailors, captains and passengers get a room at vpiske. It coincides with a place in the boat and the number written on its side.

So the place has to be seen all at once, and who is not. This is extremely convenient, instead of counting people shouting in an accident when all in shock.

Making sure that there are all in the boat, the exercises are over. Outside the studio and it was so windy that we are happy to have returned to the main office, where we waited for Captain. He was satisfied that all memorized their actions and fulfilled them to the letter. Then again, instructional videos. By viewing, I realized that nothing in the world would want to to get me a rope lifted the wounded to the helicopter. No way

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October 6:

The day before yesterday the whole sea was covered with "pancakes" and walruses today. Yesterday we looked at (and in my opinion smiled through tusks) Three walrus, today they have led us to look at all of your friends. 10-15 guttered our huge animal feed, gently stroking each other. In a couple of meters from the side they paused and began to stare us in the face. We are two Koreans tried to stand comfortably in the stern for the best shots, but we recognize walruses and shyly showed only the tops with eyes. We even laughed with the Koreans.

Water is definitely grows cold after the temperature. Ice pancakes freeze together in a hummock. Winter is coming. And then there was the summer? Had not noticed. Getting colder every day. A walrus uneasy. They bathe, but always watch over the safe disposal. Or just podplyvut and stare. They are bored and they slowly drifted away.

In 15-00 we weighed anchor. Russian spoken with Vaygach and ordered to slowly move to the east to meet them at night. We were lucky and we will cross the most difficult section of the Path in the afternoon. This thin ice is not the limit for our ship’s ice class 1A and its captain Stipanovicha.

Only to start the engine as walrus disappeared, although we were playing on the mind all day. On my list of animals who I want to meet on the Northern Sea Route was only polar bear.

October 7:

I was standing on the bridge today is 10-30, photograph beauty. I hear the second ship in our convoy Mari Ugland Vaygach asked if they can see the bears. There smiled and promised to notify all vessels will be met when the bears. I even aske
d the captain of the third rank to inform all of our ship on the speakerphone, so that no one missed. He laughed and said, "It will be done."

I start to come down from the bridge to him and suddenly announced: "All those who wanted to see a polar bear, go back to the bridge." Instantly get up, and there’s a crowd trying to remove it, it’s hard because of the white hair. Now I understand why they are so camouflaged. I managed to see, walking on thick ice.

We all froze, standing outside in the cold, with open mouths, looking at the huge animal. The ship was carrying us further and further, until he hid a blizzard.

Yesterday late at night we met Vaygach leading counter Aframax vessel to the west. They passed on the connection, and now you’re on your own. Vaygach turned and overtook us. As a fellow Taimyr, this also looked like an amusement park at night. Such a storm, I saw a counter Aframax only when he was very close. Then we just went for already well-trodden road, which had Aframax.

Again, the usual form of the stern icebreaker for a few days. All were glad that did not have to be anchored and can move.

Then the ice completely impassable. Although this young ice up to half, the icebreaker is cutting it as a pie. Our Wall Polaris habitually easily come right to the icebreaker, but Mari Ugland brakes. Vaygach all the time yelling at her on the VHF radio to keep up the speed and was not removed from us up to 6 cable. "Yes, sir," responds the ship and then slows down, so you could hardly catch up. Icebreakers are extremely demanding, that their orders were carried out in silence, the only way to hold the ship.

Then circle icebergs, because it is necessary to go beyond strictly icebreaker exactly the beaten path. Although NSR allowed only protected the ships, iceberg can proporot covering. We believe only Vaygach, because last year he even put through the Northern Sea Route two Finnish icebreakers. Twice in both directions.

In the evening, the ice just linked up and we saw the old gray ice three meters thick. But we are not deterred. The difference between the young and the old ice that well-worn path left by an ice-breaker, closes quickly in the old ice. At a distance of 6 of cobalt from the icebreaker he closes immediately between us and the ice breaker. Because baby strongly knocks on the hull and the ship shakes.

These are saturated day. Yesterday we looked at the walruses peacefully, today we have kept pace with the nuclear-powered icebreaker through the blizzard and ridges until we bypass the polar bears. Believe me, this is exactly one of the greatest adventures of my life!

October 8:

All night the ship shuddered from the impact of ice floes on the board. The power of the ice floes is more than you can imagine. Afternoon gave way to spring, and now we are going smoothly, so soon open water and passed the most difficult segment of the Northern Sea Route with its head held high.

Our new task is to plant the ice of the conductor. Usually he just transplanted on an icebreaker. But we are again summed weather. Typically Russian icebreaker to start up the boat to our ship, and the conductor perekarabkivaetsya on the pilot ladder.

But on the wind and the summary will be pitching in Norway, and we are going through in advance. We are trying to calm him aside, saying you easily drove to South Korea. He kept smiling.

Did you know that the ships of the company Stan crossed the Northern Sea Route in the ninth time since 2011? So we worked for years with Russian Makarov State University in St. Petersburg, specializing in ice navigation. 25% of all officers on board ships Stan (more than a hundred tankers) — Russian, the majority — makarovtsy.

In the morning I first saw the sunlight for all the time on the Northern Sea Route. Around all blended into one white, do not tell where the sea where the sky. The most complete calm rejoiced Russian. So in 11-00 Vaygach ordered us to turn off the engine. Mari Ugland stopped just in front of our very stern and swam for 30 minutes. Vaygach slowly toward us. Going up, it turned out that their team poured on board and photographed us. Then the Russian began to descend from the stern of the boat with two sailors inside.

While the boat was taking with Mari Ugland, Vaygach cleared the way for him between the two courts. We overhang pilot ladder up to 1.5 meters above the waterline according to instructions.

Our conductor Sergei watched from the bridge of the boat, and began to say good-bye to all. He thanked us for the cooperation that it seemed to him extremely successful. Then the chief officer escorted him to the deck, where the sailors were waiting with his luggage and prepared to help him climb aboard.

Only after he hugged Russian icebreaker staff was very glad to see him.

The sailors lowered his luggage and we noticed how Russian attach something to the rope, before we raise it. It was a CD with pictures of Stan Polaris they nasnimali for our campaign. We waved to them in gratitude. A Vaygach already unfolded to freighter Nordic Bothnia, which came with the boat, and Russian conductor. Sergey we explained earlier that peresyadet straight to the ship and guide it through the NSR to the west. He was glad that we can immediately work on the road, and not wait to sit on the icebreaker.

We were dispersed and were left alone.

Spasibo Sergey, Do svidanya!

Happy calmly walked through the East Siberian Sea without a shadow of ice. Icebreaker warned us not to be dispersed more than 9 knots when ice meet pancakes.

The chef prepared a delicious chocolate cupcakes:

Korean journalists asked them to arrange a photo shoot. Easily. But why? They want to be at the intersection of the official boundaries of the NSR tomorrow, the same day the newspapers printed the whole team celebrating the completion of the campaign, so the picture needs to be done in advance of the day.

And the Koreans made us retake this shot fifteen (15) times in the icy wind.

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    I went to the bridge at around 15-00 and dark. Tomorrow will come to the Bering Strait. Good long held in seclusion without television and the internet, but these two weeks is enough. We even began to wonder what was in the world, while we were away. Frankly, bow to the Chukchi, who live in a given, but I would not do it.


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