Northern Shipyard has received an automatic gun mount A190-01 corvette Resistant

JSC "Central Research Institute" Petrel "put on the Severnaya Verf another 100-mm automatic gun mount (AC) A190-01.

  • Setting the A-190-01 TFR "Guarding".
  • Setting the A-190-01 TFR "Guarding".

The gun is designed for the corvette "resistant" and is set to ship later this week, this "Central Navy Portal," said the representative of CRI.

For the period from December 2012 "Petrel" put on the shipyards four serial products A190-01. AU will be installed on the corvette "Courageous" 20380, it is being in the Northern Shipyard in St. Petersburg. Installation A190-01 is also mounted on a small missile ships (IRAs) "Hail Svijazhsk" and "Uglich" 21631 project, being built by JSC "Plant Zelenodolsky Gorky" — head IRAs already arrived at his permanent home and is preparing to launch factory and state tests in the Caspian Sea.

On the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" in Kaliningrad delivered another AU for the head of Project 11356 frigate "Admiral Grigorovich." This year, the supply of new ships for the AU will continue — gun will go on and on CVD Zelenodolsky Shipyard Yantar.

A190-01 has a rate of 80 rounds per minute and the ability to hit targets at a distance of 20 km in the angular range from minus 10 to 85 degrees vertically and plus or minus 170 degrees over the horizon.

Management is remotely controlled gun systems with automatic performance of all operations, including bringing the installation to combat readiness, the choice of the right weapon, his serve and loading, aiming the barrel and shot.

Turret gun mount cover, made by technology Stealth, reduces the visibility of the ship’s radar equipment to the enemy.

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