Not a single strong Gerard Mother Russia

We have a lot of French. They live, adopt children and give birth here

Famous actor Gerard Depardieu received Russian citizenship. And sometimes even volunteered to live in their new homes. And even the little house itself began to build. For Depardieu desire to join the citizens of Russia have expressed Brigitte Bordeaux and Xavier Faure, famous balloonist. "Ah, well, perhaps they will be able to live here? In unwashed Russia-after belle France! Chickens to laugh! "- The bay skeptics. And actually, why can not? That Russia has no advantages over the old world? We are also quite lovely — a kind. Through the regional editions of "KP" Daria Zavgorodnev made a mini-census of the indigenous French, living in our Federation today. And I was pleasantly surprised.

The reason, which leads to Frenchman Russia — not all of these stories and does not escape from the 75-percent tax on million euros (they do not have these million) — and the more poetic. Nine times out of ten it’s Russian wife, who is pursuing a correct political information to his missus. From idle in this series stands out Damien Gangloff — enthusiast, environmentalist and adventurer. He studied in Italy and traveled the world over and the whole Russia. Caught in the Omsk region — in the village of Orlovka. There he bought a house near the local drunks. Delivers the bottle and now comes every summer, takes care of a garden with local friends, which does not reach the village of a hundred people, and dreams that the authorities banned the moonshine. He himself does not drink or vegetarian. Damien calls his farm is not "cottage" and "Ecoproject."

"Decembrists" on pensions

Journalist Andre Manenan moved to the city Ples, to write a book about Russia. And the root. Together with his wife Elena are adopted ten children (in an increase to five of his), and opened all-suite hotel a la Russe (cheapest room — seven thousand five hundred: children to feed). Elena, Muscovite, for 12 years of life in France is very missed home. And persuaded her husband to move — for a while, until the book says. Capitals husband flatly rejected. Then they took a map, draw a circle with its center in Moscow and a radius of 370 km, and found in it a lot of fun. Yaroslavl, Tver, Vologda region — a huge piece of geography, a means both of them, including Helen, had only a vague idea. Ples chosen at random. And never regret it. Another "Decembrist" — the architect Alain Bravar. He and his wife, Svetlana, Paris traded on the Russian hinterland (the air is cleaner — do not argue.) The couple settled in the village of Svirstroy Leningrad region and thrives on big pension husband — five thousand euros. The local population is calling the French guest, "Allen I." and he carries local children to rest on the Cote d’Azur. And he also wants to start a business — the center of hunting and fishing.

  • Alexander Laca with Russian wife moved to Russia from Bordeaux and does not hide that he did it out of economic
  • Alexander Laca with Russian wife moved to Russia from Bordeaux and does not hide that he did it out of economic
Alexander Laca with Russian wife moved to Russia from Bordeaux and does not hide that he did it for economic reasons Photo: Family Archives

Russia for young

The worship of things foreign, we can say a national trait of Russian people. We feel as if overseas food fresher, kinder and traffic cops, doctors, and money in his pockets — by itself anymore. Only in Russia, they say, the reality is no good. And indeed it is impossible not to love France — its famous food and wine, its architecture, language — tools masterpieces, its savior vivre — the art of living, which is that even the most thriftless Frenchman knows how to cook a gourmet dinner and serve it beautifully. But the French — the same people. They, too, on what light criticized the president, press against each other out on the road, beating wives, raped and killed by drunk. But unlike us, they are about not complex. Because in general they are fine. Many children, for example, does not go out of fashion. The state plays the role of Dr. Lisa for the homeless and CHulpan Hamatova for children. However, both francophone and francophile (‘m in France five times in a year), I know perfectly well that the economic crisis has driven the Europeans in the corner harder than us. Do real estate agents clients very often — Arab sheiks and literally dear Russians. "The French have no money to save even nonsense! Turn off the electric heating, when the yard, plus five … "says the realtor Lyudmila Durfort. "When there is work, I get 1,200 euros per month, when it is not — 900 euro allowance" — complains Lyon Marseille taxi driver.

For those who have not lived up to a happy retirement, reasons for moving to Russia is quite economical. The French live in Rybinsk, in Ryazan, in the Leningrad region, and how many of theirs brother in capitals — innumerable. All the settlers speak of love for Russia, its people and nature.

36-year-old Alexander Laca moved to Russia in 2008. Here he directs and conducts consulting agency’s "Dissonance", which gives a "different view of Russia" — eloquently portrays Belle France (of course, he also has a wife Zhenya Russian). Like many of his compatriots, supports Depardieu. Soon, he published a book "Myths about Russia. French look. " Here are brief extracts from the blog of Alexander:

— Exceeded the speed for 2 kilometers — deprivation of rights to three nedeli.i a fine of 320 euros (13 thousand).

— Let’s grandmother died and left a "three-ruble note." Dad (her son) will leave the apartment itself, it will pass, and grandchildren will say, shoot. Most French families include children while they are children. Once you are enrolled in college — walk Bob himself. Drag children before retirement is not accepted. And the "kids" take the credit. First — the teaching, then — for housing. "Removable

  • Andre Manenan moved to Ivanovo Ples with his wife and five children.  And fathered ten!
  • Andre Manenan moved to Ivanovo Ples with his wife and five children. And fathered ten!
Andre Manenan moved to Ivanovo Reach with his wife and five children. And fathered ten! Photo: Family Archives

Well, guys, someone else wants to live in France?

"The first time my wife and I came to Russia in the summer of 2007, and in winter the wife found a job almost by accident. Then we decided to move to 100%. We got married in 2009 on the island of Kizhi. And seven months ago, we have a new citizen of Russia "- Alex shared the joy with" Komsomolskaya Pravda ".


Belgian newspaper "Le Soir", referring to Eurostat, but without reporting period to which the data figures, reports that Russian citizens received:

— 4503 Frenchman

— 4191 German

— 1925 Finns

— 1881 Italian

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