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The most complete protests on Wall Street illuminated channel Russia Today. What irony would have never thought that switch to the Russian TV channel in search of objective news … " Dina Iordanova, «The Financial Times», UK.

SUCH and similar evidence in the pages of the Western press, the Internet and other sectors of the global information space over the last few months there are more.

According to a study by Nielsen Media Research in the fall of 2010 the market research, the Washington RT daily look more viewers than the channel Euronews, German Deutche Welle, France 24 French and Chinese CCTV News. And in New York RT pass and Deutche Welle, and CCTV News, Qatar and Al Jazeera English. The study was queried presentational sample of 2,192 residents of Washington and in 2180 the people of New York.

Moreover, the main advantage of the Russian TV channel, almost half of the respondents named other than their mainstream media approach to the news feed, which is considered biased 87% of respondents.

As said, commenting on the results of this study, the editor in chief Margarita Simonyan, RT: "Year after year, our audience is growing and expanding. In Washington and New York, we confidently entrenched as an international television channel, creating an alternative to the American mainstream. Today the need of the American Society for alternative sources of information is high, and RT has successfully held this niche. "

All this happened before the events in Libya and protests in the U.S., which leads to increase coverage RT popularity this year several times. The number of subscribers RT in different packages within the United States for the year 2011 reached 11 million.

Channel is available around the clock to 400 million viewers, representing 22% of all the world of paid subscribers of networks. In March 2011, RT became the most watched channel in Youtube Hall of Fame this month, surpassing the largest portal music videos foreign performers Vevo, and surely among the top 60 leaders of the service.

WHEN In June 2005 the first reports that the broadcast will be hosted by the new Russian media company in the English language, many (and myself included) thought that all of this — nothing more than a stillborn project of the Russian authorities, the meaning of which will be banal "development" budget money, and not a real competition with global "monsters", as the American CNN, NBC, BBC British Broadcasting Corporation, or even Euronews. But reality shows that this is not the case that the Western "format" it is quite possible to put the domestic content.

It should be noted that almost in parallel with the English version and the version was launched in Arabic «Rusiya Al-Yaum», which the audience is being reached 300 million.

Russia Today moved forward step by step, first set the goal to inform the world about what is really going on in Russia. You can not say that this media product has been widely claimed preoccupied above all with their own problems of European and American audiences. Because of this positioning RT nobody perceived as a serious or even potential competitor: Well, wanted Russian Bears zapasshis petrodollar Zhirkov, to show what is happening in their den, with a slightly different, more pleasant for them perspective — so what? All the same, 90% or even 95% of Western viewers will watch only familiar to them, "meynstrimnye" channels, and the remaining 10.5% of the more than half simply did not take seriously the Russian position — not that solidarizes with it.

The first appearance of RT in the world media channels occurred only at the end of 2007, two years after the start of broadcasting: December 31 via NASDAQ and Reuters have been shown to direct the inclusion of the New Year in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The August 2008 conflict in South Ossetia led RT to a new level, as the news from the war zone then became the main theme of the world’s media, at any time, even eclipsing the Summer Olympics in Shanghai. Russia Today reports successfully maintained on the western media market competition — and the speed and manner of presentation of information — from CNN, CNN and the BBC, C, not allowing to configure global public opinion clearly anti-Russian and portray Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili as innocent victims of the "imperial Russian predator."

Such a "baptism of fire" has not gone unnoticed. In December 2008, the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization "TV-Novosti", the control channel Russia Today, has been included in the list of strategic enterprises entitled to government subsidies. In May 2009, the number of employees in the U.S. RT steel — as defendants — members of the judicial process. In June 2009, the media channel CNN, NBC offered RT cooperation within the framework of World Report.

In December 2009 started round the clock broadcasting in Spanish (channel RT en espanol). Russian media channel began to perceive earnest.

A NEW STAGE in RT activity was associated with the opening of his own studio complex in Washington, DC, built and fully equipped truly "Stakhanovite" pace: in just four months. The building complex has two studios: a news and information and entertainment program The Alyona Show, which is a 25-year-old Alain Minkowski, the daughter of the famous Soviet figure skater, three-time Olympic champion, ten times world champion Irina Rodnina.

This broadcast "from the scene" on the shoulder today only the most advanced and cutting-edge media corporations, among which is now, of course, includes the RT.

It was at this time in the United States began the first mass demonstrations against financial policies of the local municipalities first, then the state governments and the federal government. The most striking of these performances were the events in Madison, the state capital of Wisconsin, where for several weeks has been blocked by the work of City Hall and other local authorities, and police and National Guard units, if not join the Protestants, that supported them, refusing to use against them violent methods. In the global media space these events covered only Internet bloggers, RT and Qatari «Al Jazeera». "Meynstrimnye" channels that promote the absolute and universal supremacy of the "American way of life", surrounded by the protests of ordinary Americans against the "debt slavery" a solid wall of silence.

A similar situation occurred with the movement "Occupy Wall Street!» (Occupy Wall Street!). Almost three weeks since the beginning of the protests that takes place on the streets of New York and other American cities in the United States could learn only from the same three sources of information: RT, «Al Jazeera» and the Internet.

"Anyone who follows the news reel number of mainstream agencies can attest to the existence of considerable time gap between the coverage of the event and the event itself. In contrast, the program "Allen Show" covered the movement "Occupy" since its inception, and I repeat again, the fact of having to go to foreign channels such as RT and "Al Jazeera", in order to obtain a more complete picture of the situation says a lot … The mainstream media has finally come to an adequate coverage of the movement "Occupy" — but why they waited so long? Why it took them three weeks to pay attention to such a significant move, especially considering what a large audience
following the developments? Is it not the task of the mainstream media — to report on important events as they occurred? Why do so many people still kept in the dark? Does "mainstream" media rather than just report of the events, decide what is news and what is not? "- Wrote in the electronic edition« Huffington Post »its editor Jason Reed.

ONCE Soviet secret services regularly (not always!) stifled the Western "voices", which broadcasts in Russian "truth" of the alternative picture of the world, it was created by the citizens of the Soviet Union the "native" newspapers, magazines, radio and television. On the Internet, and then out of the question, and any typewriter subject to registration with the Home Office as a duplicating machine, harming national security. It’s hard to say that there was a real fear of pure souls of Soviet citizens who were of October, pioneers and Komsomol members, and that — from the "excesses on the ground." The fact is that — the forbidden fruit is sweet. and semiprohibited doubly sweet! — To the mid-70s the Western "voices" heard almost everyone who was able to purchase a radio costing under 70 full-length Soviet rubles (I think these devices are specifically made with only the power from the battery and not from the network to "hit the ruble" in amateur shortwave broadcasts).

Mine, now deceased, his grandfather, a veteran of the Finnish and the Great Patriotic War, which was neither a dissident nor enemy of Soviet power, for some reason chose not "Freedom", not "Voice of America" and the BBC BBC. "Look, there they tell lies about us" — usually with a smile he said, adjusting his WEF on the London wave. Abroad "bullshit" was interested in it precisely because sometimes much more in line with reality than the monotonous range of then-Soviet "propaganda."

That’s when I felt that the information people need almost to the same extent as the food, the hunger for information is survived almost harder than physiological hunger. And those societies that put themselves on the information "diet", thereby admit their inadequacy and hopelessness.

Yes, everything is turned upside down: now painted in the American and Western society in general. His attempts to "rewrite history", especially the history of the twentieth century, and "build a picture of the world", will inevitably lead to disastrous results. Much of the material, for example, the same British BBC BBC that once, with all the bias, was famous for that is rigidly held her "professional brand", today it is impossible to read without a sarcastic smile. Which Soviet agitprop there? Even the office of Dr. Goebbels did not always dropped to such "tricks of the information war."

And the more urgent in today’s world are the words of our old St. Prince Alexander Nevsky, "God is not in force, and in truth!" The West is still strong, very strong, but no truth behind his power is not worth it. And the brief, but extremely rich history of the Russian media channel RT («Russia Today», «Russia Today") vividly illustrates this. We would have — the truth about the state of affairs in Russia itself. But it’s probably a matter of the future. And, hopefully, is not so distant.

Dmitry Vladykin.

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