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After two years in Russia, for the first time in its history, will host the Winter Olympics, and another four for the first time, will be the FIFA World Cup. Such an honor is not honored even the Soviet Union. Such competitions were held in the Soviet Union only once — in 1980, Moscow hosted the Summer Olympics.

But that’s not the only big events planned for the near future. In 2013, Kazan will host the Universiade, Kazan is now preparing for her vengeance, built dozens of sports facilities. In 2016, we once again take the world hockey championship, however, we take this competition more than once, something which, as a world-class arenas in Russia lacks.

But that’s not all, just this winter in Russia there are many international competitions.

  • World Championships in speed skating in a classic all-around, Krylatskoye, Moscow, 18-19 February 2012
  • World Cup ski races, Moscow (two races) and Rybinsk, Yaroslavl region (four races), 2-5 February 2012
  • Three stages of the World Cup in Alpine skiing. 9-12 and 15-19 February 2012, in Sochi, on February 21 in Moscow (in skiing for men and women, and the steps are carried out separately).
  • Phase Snowboard World Cup, Moscow, March 3, 2012
  • Stage of the Biathlon World Cup, Khanty-Mansiysk, 16-18 March 2012 Total for the year was held on 9 stages.

It should be noted that the World Cup Alpine skiing are held for the first time in the history of Russia and the USSR. Russia. And it was made possible by the emergence of a world-class trails Russia — "Rose Farm" in Krasnaya Polyana. This is quite surprising in Russia beautiful mountain ranges, one of which is the Caucasus, and we did not have the relevant routes. Now there is, and will continue.

World Cup Biathlon become a tradition, but only in recent years. Also unclear how the country in which so many outstanding achievements in biathlon, did not actually have normal biathlon trails.

Not only do we not have a biathlon trails. In Russia there was the normal springboard for competitions in ski jumping, there were no good bobsleigh track, there were no conditions for competition skaters. Our athletes are trained abroad.

This shameful situation for the north of the country in fact overcome. In Russia either built or being built all the necessary facilities for winter events world-level.

Build not only in Sochi, where all these objects, of course, will be built for the Olympics. For example, recently launched a new biathlon complex in Perm. There’s also built ski jump.

Bobsleigh track being built in the suburbs in Paramonovo.

So, as you can see, not only in Sochi are being built in such important and expensive items.

But what about ordinary people? Conditions for professional athletes — it’s good, but the ordinary people and their children, too, want to play sports.

And there is something to be proud: in Russia, according to estimates Site Made with us for the last 2 years has built more than 300 new sports complexes, excluding sports fields, soccer fields, sports complexes, swimming pools and gyms in universities, schools, kindergartens and Reconstruction of old objects.

Complexes are being built across the country, and not only in cities but also in rural areas. Well, for example, I have in virgin sports complex was built by one of the first, in 2005, the year. Now they povyrastali around like mushrooms, and we also plan to separate IC for water sports build. The project is ready.

If you do not believe, on our website have prepared a detailed photo report on the new complex, opened in 2011. This reference to the first, second and grated part. And in 2010 the first and second part of the review. Please note that this is just what I managed to find the net, in reality, a lot more sports complexes.

So that people have a place to play sports, take care of that, too. By the way, playing there quite cheap, and for children in many sections such complexes generally free or fee is purely symbolic.

The development of the economy and industry — that’s great, but there are other areas of life, and sports a very important social function. Well, what about it do not forget.

Russia was, is and will obviously be a great sports power. And that we can be proud of!

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