NOT THAT strong Ural Mountains?

Fights "Rostov" and "Ural" at the start of the season given the role of the key to the dispute for vouchers in the Premier League and one of the most exciting in the tournament. Two qualitatively staffed and ambitious club, possessing impressive financial resources and attention of the regional authorities. Led by the distinctive and venerable experts Oleg Dolmatov and Alexander Pobegalovu. But barely started the second round, and tomorrow’s opponents before the full-time meeting shared ten points. Rostov are continuing to raise the bar-lose record to new heights. Yekaterinburg is interrupted for at least an impressive series of thoroughbred. [Cut] In the last round in the capital of the Sverdlovsk region was seemed impossible — "Baltika" went home with three points. It seems to be not the greatest sensation when strong middle peasant wins on the road. Not only in the event that the defeated party is "Ural". After all, the previous home defeat in the national championship wards Pobegalova suffered March 29, 2006, when the second round of sub-zero temperatures were mercilessly beats Nizhny Novgorod "Spartacus." Or rather the former striker "Rostov" Alexander Alkhazov, hosts two goals — 0:2. Since then, Yekaterinburg in native walls were not inferior to anyone for 50 (!) Matches, of which won 37 and 13 reduced the draw with goal difference 93-19. So bad in a fight with Kaliningradians for "Ural" if not a tragedy, the event is out of the ordinary for sure. However, the vigilance of Yekaterinburg dulled somewhat earlier. That there is only one reference Sverdlovsk Governor Eduard Rossel to the players, "Ural", delivered on the day of the match with the Rostov in the first round at the presentation of the UEFA Champions League Cup in Yekaterinburg and reprinted by the local media. Edward Ergartovich wished then "kick" Rostov "so that they have forgotten the way the Sverdlovsk region." Did not work — the battle a draw (1:1), extracted in the end of the meeting was almost crushed by the owners. However, the single misfire for the club’s president Gregory Ivanov’s not a reason to retreat from the big plans: — At the exit "Ural" in the Premier League and the head of the RFU interested Mutko, who knows what is being built here a nice stadium, and the region prepared to have to start performance at a higher level. And the game the team has earned positive reviews, even those coaches whose teams played up Yekaterinburg, which recently confirmed the head coach of "Baltika" Zurab Sanaya: — On the "Ural" nobody should be set up. In my view, the only team in the first division, which plays in a beautiful, meaningful and attacking football. The game kept in suspense for 90 minutes, but luck smiled on us. So tomorrow is unlikely to avoid a fascinating and interesting football fight in the performance worthy of each other contenders.

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