Notary Russia creates protected legally valid electronic document

Foundation "Center for Innovation and Information Technology" at the Federal Chamber of Notaries and the company "Aladdin RD", a leading developer and provider of information security, announce the introduction of integrated solutions "software suite to protect information for the notary." The project jobs Russian notaries are equipped with a means of forming electronic digital signature (EDS).

The decision to implement the activities of notaries in Russia EDS and organization of information exchange with the notary public authorities Russia is part of the modernization program-budget of the Institute of Notaries Russia. In October 2010, the Foundation "Center for Innovation and Information Technology" was conducted research on the analysis of the technical capabilities of existing software tools for making Russian notary signature and the protection of confidential information. During the analysis, we defined the technical requirements for the solution, and conducted economic feasibility of implementation. In November of 2010 by the "Center for Innovation and Information Technology" was established and put into operation the Russian Certification Authority of notaries, as the basis for a legally significant electronic document.

The Federal Chamber of Notaries, based on the results of the Research Foundation "Center of Innovation", made the following demands on suppliers of solutions for the implementation of electronic signature: — providing secure storage of private keys and digital signature certificates notaries; — preventing unauthorized access to confidential information in every workplace notary — the existence of certificates regulators on all products offered — the complexity of the solution, a simple and intuitive interface for the deployment and use of the products.

The company "Aladdin RD", together with its partners, has developed and proposed a solution to the customer "software suite to protect information for the notary." It consists of the following products: — a certified means of protecting confidential information 4 Secret Disk Workgroup Edition; — a certified agent authentication and storage of key information — USB-key eToken PRO (Java); — system of cryptographic protection of information "Crypto CSP» version 3.6.

Having considered the solutions, the customer opted for the offer of "Aladdin RD" as the most functional and high-quality solution that meets the requirements of cost, ease of implementation and timing. First introduction of the "Toolkit software to protect information for the notary" took place in Nizhny Novgorod Chamber of Notaries and the Ivanovo Regional Chamber of Notaries. Thus began the commercial operation of the CA notary Russia. In the near future EDS keys and solutions "software suite to protect information for Notary Public" will available for all notaries in Russia.

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