Noting the first anniversary of the plant Rusaloks works in two shifts

 The first factory in Russia Vladimir "RUSALOKS" producing circuit boards for electronic devices that require heat, today marked the anniversary of the establishment. It operates on the basis of the industrial park of "WEI" Tochmash. ‘"

  • Shop Factory "Rusaloks"
  • Shop Factory "Rusaloks"

As noted at the meeting of the working group vice-president of the Regional Committee for Industrial Policy and Science Roman Mosaic, the creation and development of enterprises operating in the field of nanotechnology, which include and "RUSALOKS," one of the priorities of the administration of the Vladimir region. Investors in the project are the company RUSNANO, a venture fund managed by MC "Innovative Solutions" and the Israeli company Micro Components Ltd.

The company is certified RUSNANO. The volume of investments has exceeded 150 million rubles. To date, the production capacity of 150 thousand square meters. dm per month. The volume of orders already allows the plant to operate in two shifts.

At the heart of this innovative project is based on patented technology ALOX Israeli company Micro Components Ltd, which allows you to double the lifespan of LED lamps and their effectiveness, as well as to produce a "warm" light is familiar to the human eye. The technology, which is unique in Russia, improves energy efficiency and wider use of LEDs. Now it is used only in LLC "RUSALOKS" at the company MCL in Israel and Malaysia.

"One of the first tasks faced by our team — said the chief engineer Michael Rufitsky — ahead of the Chinese manufacturers for quality and price. In terms of quality we broke far ahead, it remains to reduce the cost of our products. "

The plans’ RUSALOKS "- additionally invest in the production of about 200 million rubles, which will, by 2015, to reach the volume of output of 300 thousand square meters. dm per month.

Source: ITAR-TASS, 01.09.2012

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