NOVAEM produced large equipment for SIBUR Holding

The plant "MORSHANSKHIMMASH", included in the machine-building holding "NOVAEM", on the order of "Zapsibtransgaza" (asset "SIBUR Holding") manufactured capacitive large equipment. It is designed for standing product pipeline "Pur GRC — THX" and will be sent in Pyt-Yah Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Tyumen Oblast.

Tanks for underground use, tanks for diesel fuel with a heat exchange elements and drainage, gas separators and receivers — more than a dozen products have been tested in court Morshansky plant. All the equipment is subjected to close monitoring due to the nature

its operating temperature from — 500 C to + 1000 S. "The company for many years specialized in the production of capacitive and heat exchange equipment designed to work under pressure and with aggressive media, in particularly difficult conditions, including a sharp temperature drop. In carrying out this order, our specialists to fully apply their knowledge and experience, " — Said General Director of the plant "MORSHANSKHIMMASH" Valery Yukhanov.

At the moment, the whole party is fully prepared for loading, but will leave it to the destination only at the appointed time the customer — due to very swampy terrain major work on the product pipeline scheduled for the winter. 

Holding Company "NOVAEM" will continue to take an active part in the development of the domestic industry, including the production of equipment for the construction and expansion of refining capacity, as well as creating produktoprovodnoy infrastructure. 

(Tambov region) — is included in the machine-building holding "NOVAEM". The company specializes in the production of DHW, heat-exchange column and equipment for the chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, aviation and other industries, the production of mineral fertilizers, implements designing and manufacture of equipment for nuclear power plants. The plant "MORSHANSKHIMMASH" has a unique experience in the production of equipment made of carbon steels, stainless steels, titanium, aluminum and their alloys. The presence of the company’s own engineering center allows you to execute orders on individual projects.

The new product pipeline, "Purovsky Plant-THX"  intended for transporting NGL (natural gas liquids), are used as raw material in the petrochemical plastics, synthetic rubber, and organic synthesis gas fuel. The construction of the product pipeline is one of the largest investment projects in the framework of the state program on development in the Russian oil and gas chemistry.

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