Novatek creates a unique gas truck for the Yamal LNG

YaNAO 24.06.2011g. "Novatek", Russia’s largest independent gas producer, conducts research on the development of a unique ice-class LNG for year-round transportation of liquefied natural gas from the Yamal Peninsula.

"There are conducting serious research work in the field of modeling design tanker optimally suitable for year-round work on the project" Yamal LNG ". This type of tanker while in nature. The task — to make the tanker hull design, it provides a cost-effective operation to the maximum displacement was great, and still maintain acceptable from a commercial point of view of speed and, consequently, the unit cost of delivering tons of cargo to the consumer, "- said Leonid Michelson. As part of the project "Yamal LNG", for which the tanker is built, it is planned to develop the South Tambeyskoye gas field on the Yamal Peninsula and build a gas liquefaction plant.

"The pilot project under the government decree -" Yamal LNG "- is part of the state policy in the field of development of Arctic resources. So now involved all the intellectual potential of the country, all scientific and technical personnel for one purpose — as part of the project work solutions, technology and experience to further their replicated and used for the efficient development of the Arctic shelf, "- said the head of Novatek.

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