November 15, 2011 — the start receiving applications for the National Award in Public Relations Silver Archer


Deadline for submission is in 5 categories:

Communication in a global world — (Awarded to the authors of the projects carried out in the interests of one or more countries, focusing on the development of international, cultural and economic communications)
• Best Project in Business — Communications
• Best project for the development and promotion of territories
• The best project in the field of scientific achievement and innovation
• The best project in the field of social communications and philanthropy
(Charity projects registered free of charge)

Over 15 years in the competition for the highest professional awards drew more than 1,700 projects. National Award in Public Relations "Silver Archer" is the highest award for Russian communication specialists.

In the market of PR-services entrenched promoted "Silver Archer" quality standards of professional activity, to form an idea of the complexity and diversity of modern social communications. In the framework of the contest entered the open presentation of the best projects, public lectures experienced and successful communication specialists, masters profession. Annually, there are author’s presentation of the best books. Winners receive a statuette of "Silver Archer" and a diploma. Remuneration is not provided.

Participation in the competition for the National Award in 2008, require any registration fee in the amount of 5,000 rubles and design of the project in accordance with the recommendations. Registration fee guarantees the participation of 2 representatives in the activities of the project throughout the program. The best projects of competition are published in the book "50 best projects" every 2 years. Currently, the collection of books "50 best projects" includes five volumes of 600 pages or more, they are the best PR-projects of Russia from 1997 to 2009.

Open days of presentations and awards ceremony of the National Award in Public Relations "Silver Archer" will be held February 14-15, 2012 in Moscow, at the Media Centre RIA Novosti, at Zubovsky Blvd. 4 The.

Details on the official website

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