Novgorod had the opportunity to monitor the movement of public transport online


MTS has launched a project to equip the public transport Novgorod monitoring system that allows citizens to track the movement of buses online.

Buses Novgorod equipped with navigation equipment MTS SIM-cards by which location information, itinerary, punctuality and fuel consumption is transmitted to the monitoring center, and residents of the city can monitor traffic over the Internet. The equipment is now installed on 80% of buses plying on the four main urban routes (№ 6, № 16, № 19, № 20). Since the new year the navigation system, which helps in monitoring the MTS will be equipped with all city buses, including those working on other routes. 

The movement of public transport in Veliky Novgorod in real time can be seen on the site, who is now working in a test mode. Red dots on the map show the routes that are currently on the line. Tracking trucks comfortable using the mobile Internet, waiting at the bus stop. Just go with your mobile phone to the specified site and click on the tag with a number of directions to see how many minutes are left before the arrival of the bus.

"Today, MTS is the leader in M2M solutions in Russia, offering a wide range of solutions to optimize business processes. Projects monitoring of public transport using mobile channels MTS is one of the most popular applications of M2M and MTS have already been implemented in more than 15 cities across the country. Equipment benefits of public transport navigation systems can evaluate not only the road transport companies, but also all the people of the city. Such projects make the urban environment more comfortable and convenient. Now any Novgorodian can plan your itinerary on the go, finding out the traffic with a mobile phone with access to the Internet ", — the director of MTS in the Pskov and Novgorod regions Alexander Poltorakov.

The project to equip buses navigation equipment, allowing to monitor the movement of vehicles and fuel, implemented in conjunction with MTS autoenterprise Novgorod MUP PAT-2 and the company "Vector".

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