Novgorod new approaches to drug treatment service

In the Novgorod region introduced new approaches to drug treatment services at the treatment and rehabilitation of GOBUZ "Novgorod Regional Drug Dispensary" Catharsis "was completed repairs. Equipping the hospital with modern medical equipment (digital X-ray machines, ultrasound machines, etc.) allows for complete diagnostic evaluation of the patient, without referring to other health facilities.

According to the department of health, the development of drug treatment services in the region in 2011-2012 was spent around 40 million in federal and provincial funds, including the modernization program of health care.

Special attention is paid to the service of modern rehabilitation programs. Outpatient and inpatient programs are implemented as a juvenile and adult patients, including the restoration of skills in the rehabilitation division "Torbino."  Inpatient rehabilitation assistance to minors is based on the children’s and teen department "Katharsis", which is preparing to move into the new building, where major overhaul and is now being equipped with modern appliances. This year, construction of rehabilitation unit "Katharsis" for addicted patients in paragraph Torbino Okulovskaya district.

In order to intensify efforts to prevent addiction to drugs and other psychoactive substances, the promotion of healthy lifestyles in the region implemented a long-term target program "Complex measures against drug abuse and dependence on other drugs in the Novgorod region for 2013-2017." Among the objectives of the program — the development and improvement of the efficiency of the state system of prevention of drug use and other surfactant-priority measures of primary prevention, the development and effectiveness of health care for patients with substance abuse profile, their rehabilitation, improvement of interagency actors in the field of anti-drug activities, the formation of population of anti-drug world, the desire for a healthy lifestyle. The program is funded from the regional budget in size — 12,825.0 thousand rubles, including in 2013 — 2565.0 thousand rubles.

For 2012, the incidence of drug addiction in the Novgorod region decreased by 14.5%.  

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