Novo-Admiralty Shipyard

200 hectares, 40 months, $ 720 million: to build a new shipyard in Kronstadt.

Construction of the "Novo-Admiralty Shipyards" on the south shore of the island of Kotlin will begin in 2012. On an area of over 250 hectares is planned to build a modern shipyard full cycle, the ability to build dozens of ships a year for Russia and for export. Now one of the main activities of the "United Shipbuilding Corporation" as the customer — matching the required documents with the administration of St. Petersburg.


Construction shipyard on the island of Kotlin will Russian-Korean joint venture. An agreement was signed between the "United Shipbuilding Corporation" and the South Korean company STX. 
STX — this is one of the largest South Korean corporations. It specializes in the sale of a variety of goods and maritime transport. One of the divisions of the corporation STX Offshore & Shipbuilding is the fifth largest in the world in terms of production vessels.
According to the statement of Roman Trocenko, head of USC, the shares in the joint venture, which will be called "Novoadmiralteyskaya shipyard", distributed as follows: Russia — 75%, South Korea — 25%. According to preliminary estimates of the cost of the shipyard will be $ 720 million.
After just 40 months on Kotlin, 30 km from the center of St. Petersburg, with the ability to grow shipyard construction vessels of up to 200,000 tons. To implement this ambitious project (shipyard will occupy an area of about 200 hectares) nobhodimo be "pan out" from 50 to 70ga.

The future of Kronstadt

It is not just about creating huge enterprises — will form a cluster (the so-called group of related companies producing similar products), under the flags of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the Navy. It will be a completely new shipbuilding complex, which will require appropriate training (for the new shipyard will operate 6,500 people).

Shipbuilding technology now changed so much that now used on Admiralty Island Saint Petersburg, according to experts often find themselves, to say the least, inconsistent. This will be the first company in Russia, which will be used the most advanced developments in this area. The company will be full automated production complexes robotics. All of this will at times reduce the time of construction of ships.

In the new maritime cluster will naturally and once-forming enterprise — Marine Works, which is called a "rescued" from bankruptcy. Today it is a company with more than a century and a half of history once again, in the language of sailors, was on an even keel. Today, to his credit a large backlog of orders — for both the Navy and the civilian fleet. The plant has found its niche in production: in 2013, the amount of orders CMH will exceed one billion rubles.

Hundreds of different specialties, new shipbuilding technology, innovative technological development! Creative design solutions! In Kronstadt will not only large industrial enterprise, but also the center of scientific — technical ideas, the community of the intellectual elite of the Russian shipbuilding. Very important is the neighborhood on the island of Kotlin naval shipbuilding from the naval science and training for the Navy.
It is planned that the plant will process a year at least 120,000 tons of steel and other metals. There will be established oil and gas carriers, the platform for the extraction of hydrocarbons, including those in northern latitudes, ice breakers, the new ships for the Russian Navy. The total investment of public-private partnership could be between 35 to 60 billion rubles. Find a job for a small business that will contribute to its growth and prosperity.

One place in the shipbuilding industry leads to the creation of 18 jobs in allied enterprises and in the serving area — so-paid, interesting and varied work can be provided all the Kronstadt — and they are not alone. The new facility will help to reconstruct the socio-cultural environment and our neighboring areas — Seaside, Holiday, Petrodvorets, etc. It is already on the ring road from Pulkovo to Kronstadt can be reached in 40 minutes. On a much better way to change even the nature of life in our area. Great prospects opening up before our young people: to live, learn, work for the modern enterprise. And above all, for the foreseeable future, perhaps having public responsibilities of municipalities — the right formation and replenishment of the district budget, and a taxpayer, as a shipyard, promises considerable revenue.

Cadres decide everything

Any production is effective only when provided with the necessary human resources. Since the beginning of the creation shipbuilding complex on the island of Kotlin ahead to prepare the staff for it. Kronstadt was able to maintain a vocational school, which is now refocused on training skilled shipbuilders.

Over the past two decades, we have lost much of their training and production potential, and even the personal motivation of young people to the development of business, technical and engineering disciplines. And in the coming years in the area of work will be done to overcome the negative trends — the work of employees shipbuilding has become popular among the youth and prestigious.

One of the stages of this work is to conduct scientific-practical conference on problems and prospects of training for the industry, "Human resources — the basis of innovative development of the Kronstadt district" in November of this year.

Now the district is successfully developing this form of training of engineering and technical personnel, as the Baltic Complex Continuing Education of the North-West Technical University. Over recent years the SZTU held a great job of creating the island of Kotlin modern center of training of qualified personnel. SZTU example shows that all is not lost in the field of technical education in our country and region.

Current state

Construction work will begin with the deposition of soil at the sites allocated for the construction of marinas and shops. In 2011, in an area supplied by the Government of St. Petersburg for the construction of a new shipyard, representatives of the "United Shipbuilding Corporation" marking, the necessary preliminary work, defined the boundaries of the plant. 

There is an ongoing actively building relationships with the new administration of St. Petersburg on the legal registration of the new shipbuilding in Kronstadt and commitments on the transfer of power there, "Admiralty Shipyards" in St. Petersburg

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