Novoborisovskoe HPP (Belgorod region). Launched a shop for extruded soybeans

The new shop in the village earned Hotmyzhsk Belgorod region, where the power "Novoborisovskoe HPP" for the storage of grain. Get off at the scheduled capacity — 30 tons per day is planned by mid-summer. The annual output will reach 10,000 tons per year.

Specialists took two months to carry out installation and commissioning of equipment. Thanks to the implementation of the project created six new jobs. The new line holding cost of 10 million rubles. Her term period — up to 2 years. Launching workshop will allow "Agro-BELOGORIYA" minimize purchases of soybean meal in the foreign market, and monitor the quality of full-fat soybeans.


Under the WTO issue of reducing the costs in the manufacture of feed and improve its nutritional quality has become particularly relevant. Extrusion of soybeans works both these problems. In its protein value legume twice the meat. Corn Soy is rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, PP, E, carotene and choline. In the present beans as fats, pectins, sucrose, organic acids and minerals.

However, raw soybeans kormoprigotovlenii not applicable due to the low digestibility, characteristic odor and astringent taste. Processing achieves deodorization beans and significantly change their chemical and biological properties, to increase the nutritional value and digestibility of protein increase. "Extrusion of soybeans not only improves the digestibility of proteins, but also conducive to the absorption of amino acids animals," — said the chief nutritionist management on pig LLC "GC Agro-Belogorie" Sergei Vozhov.

"Full-fat extruded soybean has a high level of energy — up to 20% fat, high content of digestible protein — 35%. After extruding the neutralization of anti-nutritional elements present in raw soybeans. In a short time the raw material in full-fat soy protein does not have time to coagulate, stored vitamins and nutritional properties, and the bacteria, infectious sticks and fungi are destroyed, "- adds Vozhov.

"Extrusion — is a complex physico-chemical process — explains the engineer of" Novoborisovskoe HPP "Nikolai Lomov. — He is a mechanical and high-impact. Crushed soybeans are heated to 110-120 ° C at high pressure. "

"As a result of extrusion of soybean is an added exchange energy — continues to Sergei Vozhov. — This is a consequence of the cell walls rupture and the degradation of starch into simple sugars. Full-fat soybeans are high in quality protein and vegetable fat serves an ideal component for the production of animal feed. The quality of the product not only affects animals and their productivity, but on the qualitative characteristics of meat products which is supplied to the end user table. "

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