Novokramatorsky machine manufacturers began producing 200-tonne mini excavator bucket


For the production of mini-excavator bucket at number one started on NOVOKRAMAT in the Donetsk region. This time, renowned venture will manufacture the car is not a giant, but the unit capable of operating in the premises of warehouses. In fact, in Kramatorsk will be the beginning of a new family of small size machines. A firstborn send Sokolov-Sarbajskim mining and industrial associations in Kazakhstan.

Ekskavatorostroenie Kramatorsk began in the middle of the last century. The first machines were sent to seal the Volga-Don canal. In 1976, at the world’s largest cut "Hercules" association "Ekibastuzugol" (Kazakhstan) was put the world’s first rotary mining complex rail-walker go ERShRD-5000 at a time of unprecedented output of 5,000 cubic meters per hour. He could extract, fractions, and in a few minutes to load already pulverized coal in freight trains.

"Rotary" trend of mining equipment remains a priority for the company so far. Based on market demand, the plant constantly updates and improves a similar technique. Today NKMZ started production of the same rotary machines, but in miniature. It is noteworthy that the first giant machines ordered Kazakh miners, they also became the first customers and mini-units.

— Walking excavator weighs four thousand tons and represents a whole building, — explains the head offices of mining machines NKMZ Victor Lobko. — Mini excavator weighs just two tons and is capable of operating on the premises. He is agile, easy to use and thus has a large capacity. The one that we are now preparing for the Sokolov-Sarbai Mining and Industrial Association, for example, would overburden per hour 1,500 tons of iron ore concentrate.

— Where are handy miniature excavators?

— Many processing plants and cuts in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan have intermediate warehouses. Until now, they ruled with shovels — not simple, but mechanical. It is not always convenient, and their performance is low. So there was a need for mini-excavators. There is need for them, and in ports, which also accumulates many goods, including bulk. Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan — our traditional customers. However, only their terms, we will not be restricted. Our goal — to get to the huge Asian market, where there is also considerable demand for such equipment.

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