Novokuibyshev refinery (Samara region). Started production of gasoline-class Euro-5

JSC "Novokuibyshev refinery", included in the JSC "NK" Rosneft ", started the production of gasoline," Regular-92 "and" Premium Euro-95 ", meeting the requirements of class 5 of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union (" Euro-5 ").

  • Novokuibyshev refinery

Release of gasoline "Euro-5" in Novokuibyshev refinery has been made possible thanks to the large-scale investment program to modernize production, sold OJSC "NK" Rosneft ", as well as a number of technical measures.

In particular, commissioned block allocation benzolsoderzhaschey fraction of the stable catalyzates catalytic reforming installation reconstructed LSI-200 with mounting block deizopentanizatsii the period of the comprehensive renovation in April 2013, the works on the optimization of technological schemes of production and mixing of fuel components.

This set of measures will increase the volume of production of high octane gasoline with low sulfur and aromatic hydrocarbons. In addition, the company was testing laboratory is equipped with modern high-precision equipment for testing fuels to meet the requirements of the Technical Regulations.

As part of the modernization program completed construction of a catalytic reforming unit, is building a complex of low-temperature isomerization, hydrocracking complex, so Novokuibyshev refinery by 2017 will be able to produce the entire volume of gasoline and diesel class 5.



Class 5 of the Technical Regulations is the most stringent environmental standards existing at the present time. In particular, the "Euro 5" is limited to the content of aromatic hydrocarbons and a sulfur content reduced as compared with the previous generation gasoline 15 times. Motor fuel "Euro-5" provide the most "clean exhaust" internal combustion engines, minimizing the content of the exhaust gases of sulfur oxides and products of incomplete combustion of aromatic hydrocarbons.

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