Novosibirsk — a nanometer is the most accurate in the world (+ video)

Physics, Siberian completed a unique work of creating real nanoetalonov

In an earlier and certified in Germany, the standard length was 20 nm. At the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, went ahead and made of silicon set of standards, which is the smallest 0.3 nanometer. Rosstandart adopted it as a means of measurement.

The standard meter was built in Paris in 1799. Many probably remember the image of the school physics textbook: platinum meter in a glass case. It took more than 200 years and it’s time nanoetalona.

Nanoetalon not Paris and under the glass. He was at the Novosibirsk Institute of Semiconductor Physics. Here in this special suitcase in a plastic box. As once was the case with the standard meter, a copy had been sent back to where they are needed.

The human eye sees a TV camera is a tiny strip. Only with the help of powerful microscopes can see the actual nanoetalony. They included six pieces. Work on their creation was a few years. And Rosstandart approved them as a means of measurement.

"These patterns allow the calibration and verification of microscopes (atomic force, interference) in the size range of 0.3 nm, or less than a nanometer to 30 nanometers — says Dmitry Goldfinches, Researcher, Laboratory Nanodiagnostics and nanolithography Institute of Semiconductor Physics of SB RAS. — That is, we have captured the entire range, which is used in nanotechnology. "

The work was not easy and informal. Physics and Metrology — in itself not a simple science, and their joint in a nano scale is the whole story.

"We had to cut across the crystal, put on a face and look in the electron microscope, the step height — comments Lyudmila Fedina, leading researcher and nanolithography Nanodiagnostics Institute of Semiconductor Physics of SB RAS. — It seems to be a trivial task, but to us that no one did. It was obvious that too precisely, we can not. But up to 4 decimal we can measure, and that is enough for checking devices. "

To make nanoetalony the institute created the technology for the production of silicon crystals with a perfectly smooth surface, where all the atoms are on the same level, none stands.

"This surface can be used as a mirror, — said Sergey Sitnikov, Junior Research Laboratory Nanodiagnostics and nanolithography Institute of Semiconductor Physics of SB RAS. — With the help of this mirror by means of optical, i.e. interference measurements could be measured height atomic step, the one that is 0.3 nanometer. "

On the tables of a microscope — a set of objects for study. Chemistry, biology, physics — they are just now developing a nano scale. So here, in the heart of all communities is essential accuracy. Now, with the advent of standards, the researchers are confident in the calibration of microscopes, and then in high precision studies. The content of this suitcase, experts say, is difficult to assess. And the value and importance is very high.

Maria Garifullina


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