Novosibirsk and towns satellite aerial view (many


Novosibirsk, Koltsovo, Krasnoobsk, Tolmachiovo, ObGES, infrastructure, Ob and bridges, new buildings — a vast and very beautiful material.

Author of the report — of course, Slava Stepanov (LJ gelio)

It so happened that the flight over Novosibirsk occurred at the time of the victory parade rehearsal. The helicopter opened a unique pattern for the city: Red Square and Lenin Avenue were closed and absolutely free, but on the other there was a real highways traffic jams. In different parts of the city people were returning from work in rush hour, and Yandex again showed a 10-point jams. The peculiarity of the capital of Siberia is that he is "scatter" on a vast territory in this post is and the northern part of the city, and the left bank and Tolmachiovo and Akademgodok with Koltsovo — all managed to shoot for this flight.


Red avenue. Lenin Square


Museum of local lore

In the structure of Novosibirsk there is an analogy to the streets of New York:
Red Avenue — 5-avenue
Lenin Square — Times square
Train station line, the October line — Broadway

NOVOSIBIRSK Theater of Opera and Ballet

The largest theater building Russia

Sverdlov Square, stokvartirny house, the Government of the Novosibirsk region

October highway

The metro station "Red prospectus"
The intersection of Prospect and the Red Gogol Street

Theater "Globe"

Sunrise Street. Metro station "River Station"

New Square on Ordzhonikidze
In the design of the square symbols used S7 Airlines

"Batman" — currently the tallest building in Novosibirsk

Metro station "Gagarin"

The crossing Trans-Siberian Railway and the Altai. Bus station

Communal and Metro bridge over the Ob River

Gori district

SGUPS (Siberian State University of Railway Transport) — Former NIIZHT

Kalinin Square

Area Stanislavsky

Area Kondratyuka

Stadium "Spartak"

Dzerzhinsky Avenue

Trinity St. Vladimir’s Cathedral

Indoor soccer arena "Dawn"

Zatulinsky zhilmassiv

Southwest neighborhood

City Hospital

The sixth district




Novosibirsk HPP


Novosibirsk State University (Novosibirsk State University)
Construction of a new academic building

Novosibirsk Technopark


The church in honor of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

District "Birch"

The settlement "Krasnoobsk"

International Airport Novosibirsk (Tolmachevo)

The airport has two runways, which make it virtually weatherproof

Cargo aboard the Boeing-747 AK "AirBridge cargo"

The first runway 07-25

Construction of a third bridge over the Ob
It is seen as the arch began assembling


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