Novosibirsk branch of the West-Siberian Railroad (2012)

Report of Fame Stepanova

The length of railways of the Novosibirsk region of West-Siberian railway is more than 1,500 km. With terminals and stations Novosibirsk Branch of the highway in the distance and local traffic hit the road every year more than 2.5 million passengers. The annual loading of about 14 million tons of freight and cargo turnover — more than 76.5 billion tonne-kilometers. In enterprises and organizations department employs more than 11,000 professionals railway professions.

The monument to the Russian Emperor Alexander III, who initiated the Trans-Siberian Railway.
The monument is located in the Novosibirsk park "Urban beginning" near the railway bridge across the Ob.

The park has a monument to the first bridge over the river Ob.
Farm of the bridge on which a movement of trains on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The first bridge was built in the years 1893-1897. designed by N. Belelyubsky. Place the bridge is selected NG Garin-Mikhailovsky.
It is believed that the decision to start construction of the bridge near the village of Krivoshchekovskaya was the founding of the city of Novosibirsk.

Currently spans of the old bridge removed, the bridge is the movement of trains on the same path.
At the same time, the bridge abutments and embankments on the banks retained, which allows to re-finish to double-track bridge.

The bridge is 858 meters.

Across the bridge is the entire Trans-Siberian Railway passenger traffic.

Railway station "Novosibirsk-Main"

The total length of all the paths at the station "Novosibirsk-Main" is about 100 km.

Privokzalnaya them. Garin-Mikhailovsky

The station is in a key position on the Trans-Siberian Railway, is the starting point Turksib and transits between the countries of Central Asia, western and eastern regions of the country.

The current station building was built in 1939

Station Novosibirsk-Head is one of the largest in Russia
It covers an area of about 29 thousand square meters. m and can accommodate as many as 3.9 million passengers.

One of four lounges

Cash hall

The station building at the same time is able to accept and serve over 4 million passengers a day.

From Novosibirsk are branded long-distance trains:
to Omsk ("Irtysh"), Krasnoyarsk ("Krasny Yar"), the New Urengoja ("OB"), Moscow (the "Siberian").

90-meter-long concourse at 5 ways

The station building structure was designed by architect NG Voloshinova.
According to his plan, the building should have been in the constructivist style, with concise forms, reminiscent of a racing locomotive to the east. However, after making stylistic changes adopted by Soviet architecture, the central part of the station was redone.

Sculptures greeters on the station platform

14 platforms

In 2005, the south of the main station building built suburban pavilion.

Trains run from Novosibirsk-Main in five directions.

Trains "Express suburb" carry over 30 million passengers a year.

The headquarters of the West-Siberian Railroad

Inskaya — one of the largest marshalling yard in Russia. Located on the First District of Novosibirsk.

Daily turnover of more than 27,000 cars.
More on this station I described in a separate post.

Active exploration and development of Kuzbass in Siberia led to the need to build a second bridge across the Ob River in Novosibirsk

Komsomolsk railway bridge built in record time — 13 months in 1930-1931
Like a skyscraper Empire State Building in New York City!

Today the bridge is used for the transit of freight trains

The total length of the bridge is 880 meters. Some time it was the largest two-way bridge in the USSR

As part of the metal bridge 8 and 8 stone arch spans.

Novosibirsk DSB (Children’s Railway)

At the station, "The Sower" near Akademgorodok is a museum of railway equipment named NA Akulinina

DKZH (House of Culture of Railway)

SGUPS (Siberian State University of Railway Transport)

Barabinsk station — a major railway junction in the west of the Novosibirsk region

In 2011, the station became a modern city thanks to the reconstruction

Barabinsk located on the river. Om, to 302 km to the west of Novosibirsk.

Locomotive maintenance and repair depot in Barabinsk

All the railway company is part of the city-Barabinsk

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