Novosibirsk bronekeramika: strength, recognized abroad

Earlier, lawmakers in the production of high-strength ceramics for use in personal and collective body armor, were foreign manufacturers.

Today, the global market to compete with them are going to have a Russian manufacturers whose products with similar properties beats them at cost.

Armor panels for personal (NIB) and the collective body armor of the Russian company ZAO "NEVZ-CERAMICS" from Novosibirsk whose performance is not as good as foreign, and cost less. This is the "weapon of Russia" said the executive director of the company, a member of the upcoming exhibition "Interpolitex 2013" , Vladimir Markov. 

According to him, the issue of military products of nanostructured ceramics, including elements for the ISS, is today one of the main activities of the Novosibirsk enterprise.

"Today, our pottery is highly competitive with foreign products that have proven the test center, in a ballistic tests in Saint-Etienne, a famous city gunsmiths", — V. Markov said.

The tests were conducted in accordance with the requirements of NATO and the products of the company withstood the impact of the bullet caliber 7.62 mm with a core of tungsten carbide.

Until now recognized by legislators in the development and production of bronekeramiki were foreign firms and companies. However, their products are expensive and there is always the danger of termination of its supply chain.

Since 2011, this monopoly on the Russian market, a rapidly progressive violates the Russian "NEVZ-CERAMICS" from Novosibirsk. That’s it for the last two years of becoming a recognized national manufacturer of products for various purposes from high strength ceramics.

So, here produced ceramic-composite armor panels in combination with a substrate made of structural ballistic materials provide protection for personnel (up to 6A class according to GOST R50744-95) from hitting bullets automatic weapons (AKM, AK-74, SVD rifle, machine gun Kord, KPVT) from 5.45 mm to 14.5 mm caliber.

According to the representative of the company, "we are ready to produce ceramic plates, meeting the latest requirements for dimensions and mass and strength characteristics." He stressed that all the declared performance products have been proven by repeated field trials.

"Samples of our defense withstand armor-piercing incendiary bullet 14.5-mm and 7.62-mm caliber with a heat-treated core for a sufficiently small thickness of the ceramic" — V. Markov said.

He explained that their bronekeramika successfully resists the penetration of bullets and shrapnel to the protected object, and obtained as a result of the interaction of the fragments should be collected with a protective layer. As such a layer acts vests substrate and Technology — its body.

In the words of the executive director, the basis of production "NEVZ-CERAMICS" are the elements of alumina ceramics in the form of rectangular and curved broneplitki, bronerolikov and hexagons.

At the request of customers, from those elements are going to differ in size and configuration of the structure.

Today, the company mass-produces 5 types bronekeramicheskih products for body armor and a 4 — to protect the light wheeled and tracked armored vehicles from small arms fire 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm and 14.5 mm caliber. In the development stage are monopaneli double curvature.

Developed and tested prototypes bronekeramicheskih products with radio properties to protect the aircraft and vital structures of naval ships from shrapnel and high-speed detection of homing.

In the coming year — half, according to the executive director, the company is expected to start production of the lightest and solid bronekeramiki of boron carbide. V. Markov noted that the equality of all other indicators of strength density of boron carbide ceramics (2.5) less than the density (7.8), steel and ceramic aluminum oxide (3.8). Boron carbide armor panels are created in collaboration with partners from the Institute of "Steel", Moscow State Engineering University (MAMI) and "in comparison with existing products will be easier."

In general, said V. Markov, "in the plans of our company has already come out in 2013-2014 by the Russian and foreign markets" as full of competitors.

Along with bronekeramikoy JSC "NEVZ-CERAMICS" from nanostructured ceramics manufactures civilian used in the energy sector, including nuclear, electronics, mechanical engineering, chemical and petrochemical industries as well as in medicine.

* Nanoceramics (English nanoceramics) represents nanostructured ceramic compact material that is based on oxides, carbides, nitrides, borides, and other inorganic compounds consisting of grains with an average diameter of 100 nm.

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