Novosibirsk Center of nanostructured materials prepared for commissioning

NOVOSIBIRSK, September 23
Center for Nanostructured Materials at the Novosibirsk Technopark will be put into operation in October this year. This was announced by CEO Technopark Dmitry Verkhovod.


"Start of the first technologies scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2011"- Said Verkhovod. According to him, the new center will focus in particular on obtaining nanopowders plasma-chemical and mechano-chemical methods for the chemical treatment technologies and the creation of various hardening coatings.

Construction of the center area of 4,479.4 square meters is financed from the regional budget, and the provision of equipment — at the expense of the corporation RUSNANO and the company "Sigma". "The area has invested 250 million rubles, we expect that the total RUSNANO investment will exceed $ 1 billion"- Said the Minister of Education, Science and Innovation Policy of the Novosibirsk region Vladimir Nikonov. According to him, the center will support projects that implements RUSNANO will focus on energy-saving technologies.

"This year will be completed construction of a large plant for the production of lithium ion batteries, the total investment of which amount to almost 14 billion rubles"- Said the Minister. Eighteen months later, the plant will come on production in the same 14 billion rubles. Minister explained that these batteries have a wide range of applications: they can be used for transport, for example, you can create the trolley without wires.


"This powerful drives, can illuminate a small town in the event of an emergency"- Continued Nikonov. On the territory of the region, he said, is also planned to develop nonoceramic production and production nanoinks.

Help. On the construction of the center was announced two years ago. (RUSNANO video-Novosibirsk on the concept of nanotechnology centers)

In June 2010, RUSNANO, Novosibirsk region and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences signed a cooperation agreement.

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