Novosibirsk ceramics

Now this pottery is made only at the factory in Germany CeramTec. Nanoceramics production project in Novosibirsk has been specially created for this purpose in 2011 JSC "NEVZ-Ceramics".

"The plant NEVZ-Union with the support of" RUSNANO "bought all the equipment, which can produce an analog of international standard in order to enter the world market with this bionanokeramikoy", — Gardening said. According to him, now there are studies in laboratory animals, biomanekenah, completion of the strength and quality of this bionanokeramiki.

"And we are beginning to be used in patients for the replacement of the vertebral bodies, these operations begin next week. Implants — much more difficult to design it in the next four months, "- he said. The doctor said that the NNIITO under test in February and March will be held three spine surgery, four months planned five operations to replace the hip joint. Saying caught a prosthesis can be safely three months after implantation. "In animal tests we conducted. They are all successful, "Gardening said.

Prosthesis consisting entirely of nanoceramics average body can operate in a 20 years — twice more than the traditional metal and polyethylene, but they are more expensive. After conducting clinical trials and testing of ceramic implants for the first time Russia will be able not only to produce them for their own needs, but also to supply the ceramic cake mix for the world’s leading companies. "NEVZ-Ceramics‘ bioceramics except for medical needs will be releasing bronekeramiku, wear elements of valves for the oil and gas industry and ceramics for electronic and electrical industries.

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