Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant — Development plans

Of "NPCC" (part of the concern "fuel elements") — one of the world’s leading manufacturers of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants and research reactors in Russia and abroad. Cycle of fuel for nuclear power plants includes production stages, as the manufacture of uranium dioxide powder, which is the raw material for the manufacture of the fuel pellet, fuel pellet production itself, the installation of the fuel pellet in the fuel element, as well as the installation of elements in the fuel assemblies, which are then sent to consumers nuclear power plants.

The work cycle is implemented in a complex of buildings under one roof, which corresponds to the best global production.

One of the problems the company is looking to diversify and increase the share of non-nuclear generation sector. 

Together with its subsidiaries of "NPCC" today is a cluster of various industrial plants, allowing master and develop various activities.

The industrial area of the enterprise may be the industrial and logistics park development for various industries, as it has developed an engineering infrastructure necessary resources for power supply and a significant reserve of vacant space.

Excess areas create additional load, which leads to increased costs. The task today is to reduce the cost, increase the competitiveness of products which is produced at the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant, learn new products, new markets.

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