Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant begins production of fuel for nuclear power plants of Western

This year the plant will produce the first four fuel assemblies ("FA-squared") for reactors of Western design that will further allow the Novosibirsk fuel to enter the global market.

As the director of the production of "NPCC" Alexander Evseev, management of "fuel elements" has already signed a contract with one of the foreign companies to conduct pile testing "TVS-square." If the tests are successful, the plant will receive a certificate for a new kind of fuel assemblies.

With which company was awarded the contract, Alexander Evseev not said, citing trade secrets. According to the official website of "fuel elements", in 2012, the company signed an agreement with the Swedish company Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel AB for the supply of an experimental batch of "TVS-Kvadrat" for nuclear power plant Ringhals 3.

According to the specialists of the plant, value for money Novosibirsk fuel will make it quite competitive in the global market.

"The potential of reactor construction in Russia is so serious that Western companies do not just assume that we can do [" TVS-squares "], they are willing to risk their reactors [and] put them", — he added.

In addition, in July this year in the Netherlands will end testing research TVS produced of "NPCC" and staged in 2012 in the reactor, said Alexander Evseev.

FAQ: Of "fuel elements" — a Russian nuclear fuel manufacturer, managing a number of enterprises of the nuclear fuel cycle, in particular the Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant.

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