Novosibirsk climber conquered the highest point in North America — the peak of Mount McKinley

Anatoly Bulychov, climbing Mount McKinley


McKinley — a long-standing dream of Anatoly Bulycheva. Gore, who dreamed of.

Anatoly Bulichev, climber, "McKinley — the tops of the north in the Arctic Circle, is famous for extreme temperatures, storms. Iconic mountain. And plus, Alaska — an outstanding district, it at least once in life you have to visit."

Anatoly ascended to the summit twice. First time on a relatively simple classical route and the second on the complex West Ridge. All of the Alpine-style: no tents, sleeping bags, no intermediate camps. Completely autonomously. Relying only on their own strength. Anatoly Bulichev, climber: "The upper part of the route — rock, this climbing in slippers, of course, was not. There’s minus 40, climbed to the items in cats."

Without insurance, without ropes — Bulichev even during training creates a high complexity. His fellow climbers say the ascent of the West Ridge on Mount McKinley — this is quite an achievement. 10tichasovoy race at the limit of the possible.

Andrew Shamro, climbing instructor: "It’s not the Olympic Games, it is judged not by the people, and God. Wednesday lives his life and the person can be arranged under it. Term" won the top "- this is the wrong invented for the press. Stakes in this game — Life and the fact that people from one year to play and come back, it says about the level of their professionalism. "

Today Novosibirsk climbing experiencing a revival. Youth is committed to the mountains, and she needed to know someone to be.

Vladimir Tabakaev, board member of the Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing Novosibirsk region: "Such extraordinary ascent provide guidance to children, they will realize that they themselves can do this, it is a very good incentive."

Backpack Anatoly Bulichev never far from hiding. Just got back from Alaska, and is going to Altai. McKinley — not final, but only a significant milestone in the sports biography. Mountains — this is his calling.

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Svetlana Antimonova


Anatoly Bulychov on alpine peaks, (2004-2006.)


Anatoly Bulychov, climbing Mont Blanc (Alps)

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