Novosibirsk company will print solar cells

Novosibirsk innovative company "SUN" — a recognized technology leader in large format printing and took more energy technologies. Developed here, and at the end of 2011 will be presented to the world, working layer deposition technology of solar bataeri almost any surface. In this technology, instead of the traditional silicon compounds are used entirely new materials, ensuring greater efficiency at lower market value. Now apply the working layer solar cell will be possible any more or less flat surface.

In theory, a solar panel can turn the roof or walls of buildings. Since the application of solar panels on the surface will be accurately metered, this technology is called "printing of solar cells." Especially since the company "SUN" is engaged in printing technology. In 2007 the company introduced a unique UV-LED for wide format printers to simplify and reduce the cost of hundreds of times print production. And in 2010, the company "SUN" model experiment conducted on a new printer NEO UV-LED — the world’s first large-format digital printing is carried out on the water. Well, in 2011 the Novosibirsk innovators willing to make solar panels is as docile as a regular printer type.

According to the materials NanoNewsNet

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