Novosibirsk Metro received a shipment of portable detectors DVIN-1


Company "Neutron Technologies" produced and delivered a batch of five portable systems DVIN-1 explosives detection based on fast neutron labeled Novosibirsk subway.

DVIN-1 can detect more than 30 explosives and determine their position in the facility inspection. Inspection is 9 simultaneously labeled neutron beams. Detection occurs automatically, without operator intervention. In the passive mode, without switching a source of neutrons, the detector can detect the radioactive substance. Currently 57 detectors DVIN-1 delivered by orders of JSC Russian Railways and subways in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk.



Screening unit comprises a neutron generator with a built-alpha detectors, gamma radiation, electronic reading system pitaniya.Gabaritnye dimensions: 740 W 510 W 410 mmMassa 34 kgMesto operator: a laptop connected to the inspection unit 50 through a cable length data on mObschie Complex: Power is supplied to the operator’s place of work on AC 220 VKolichestvo gamma-ray detectors: 1Osnova gamma-ray: crystal BGO, measuring 76 × 76 mmIstochnik neutrons: the maximum neutron flux: 5CH107 n / sEnergiya neutrons: 14.1 MeVRezhim work: nepreryvnyyPredelnaya Power consumption: 70 VtKolichestvo labeled bundles: 9 or 64V Dubna company "Neutron Technologies" performs serial production of such complexes. The company was established by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna) and JSC "RUSNANO".

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