Novosibirsk pensioner enthusiast recreated for the Victory Day a copy of the famous Katyusha


Military retiree from the Novosibirsk region Vyacheslav Veryovochkin recreated for the Victory Day exact copy of the combat vehicle "Katyusha" that was used in World War II, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, author of the work.



According Veryovochkin, collect a fighting machine BM-32, which was called the war "Katyusha", he started just over a month ago. Today the car is almost ready to take part in the celebration of Victory: she just insert glass dokrasit some body parts, and adjust the engine, which is still difficult to start.


Watch "The reconstituted in the garage of the Siberian craftsman" Katyusha "rides on Victory Day"



Veryovochkin known as a designer engaged in re-creation of tanks and other military equipment during World War II. In the past, military engineer, he was a few years ago he retired and decided to do a historical re-creation technology. At present, the pensioner in the garage of his home in the village of Great Oesh with assistants using improvised collected more than 40 units of various military vehicles. His models are in museums, exhibited as monuments to be involved in the shooting of films about the war. Director Nikita Mikhalkov ordered a pensioner German tank layout for the picture "Burnt by the Sun 2".


According to him, "Katyusha" is recreated on the layout, photos and drawings, having a base of the Soviet ZIS-5 truck.

Basis of just such a truck designer-lover could not find, so as a substitute took the base from the other truck GAZ-51, which is found in one of the local points of scrap metal, along with the engine. Model of jet installation with models of rockets made separately. Cabin built independently of the metal sheets. Now it is very difficult to guess that this copy is the war machine assembled from completely different parts that are not related to military history.

According Veryovochkin, he hoped that the "Katyusha", which is able to travel independently, will participate in the May 9 parade in Novosibirsk, but the organizers have decided that it is in the Victory Day will be installed on one of the town squares as an exhibit.

After the holiday, "Katyusha" or sent to a museum near Yekaterinburg, or one of the museums of the Moscow region.

The designer says that the most difficult part of the work on the reconstruction of "Katyusha" to find drawings of this machine and buy metal plates for the cab.

  Designer enthusiast says that while working on the reconstruction of military equipment he "filled his hand," so he and his assistant took a little time to re-create the "Katyusha". Besides, it was easier to collect than tanks. "We Tank" Tiger "did a month and a day for Shakhnazarova (Russian director). But work, however, 25 people. Like ants here (in a small garage) crawling" — he said.



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